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8 Unique Things To See And Do Near Sebewaing Mi

Sebewaing is a charming small town in Huron County on the shore of Saginaw Bay in Michigan’s Thumb. It’s a wonderful place to explore and shop. We found five neat things to do in and around Sebewaing Mi that are worth a look if you’re in the area for a visit.

What is Neat About Sebewaing Michigan

Michigan Sugar Queen
Michigan Sugar Queen

Sebewaing, Michigan, is an inviting village known for its sugar beet industry and annual Michigan Sugar Festival. Its location on the Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron offers breathtaking views and outdoor activities like fishing and boating. The village’s rich history, evident in its historic buildings and the Sebewaing Area Historical Museum, adds to its charm. Its small, friendly community makes any visitor feel welcomed. Ultimately, Sebewaing’s blend of industry, natural beauty, and history makes it a neat place to visit (“Sebewaing, Michigan,” 2022).

#1 Shop in Sebewaings Little Downtown

Sebewaing Storefront - Things to do in Sebewaing
Antique Gallery Storefront in Sebewaing Michigan

Sebewaing is one of the oldest settlements in the Thumb. It was first established as a mission among the Native Americans of the Ojibwa Tribe who lived in the area for generations. Today the downtown area hosts several little shops and antique and collectible Sebewaing, mi stores that are always interesting. On weekends during the summer, we like to park the car and walk across the Sebewaing River bridge to visit each shop. We always save the antique store for last.

#2 Tour A Michigan Sugar Factory in Bay City

Michigan Sugar Factory Tour - Sebewaing Mi

The Michigan Sugar Company’s plant is Sebewaing dominates the skyline. It would be neat to see inside the factory when it’s in operation. However, the company is only offering tours at its Bay City plant, a 40-minute drive from Sebewaing. The current Covid-19 pandemic has halted tours at the Michigan Sugar Company’s Bay City facility. However, when it reopens, those adults 18 and over can see the inner workings of one of Michigan’s sweetest industries.

Map to Michigan Sugar Factory Bay City
Map to Michigan Sugar Company’s Bay City Plant – Courtesy Google Maps

Michigan Sugar Company’s Bay City factory was built in 1901 and was incipiently named the German-American Sugar Company. Tours with up to 10 people take approximately one hour. We were told that the tour includes some stairs and about 1 mile of walking. More information about the tour and how to sign up for on is available on Michigan Sugar Company’s website for factory tours.

#3 Enjoy the Vistas and Wildlife at Fish Point Wildlife Refuge

Fish Point Observation Tower East
Fish Point Observation Tower East

Known for birders’ ability to get up close to wildlife and offer amazing views, the Fish Point Wildlife Area is a large sanctuary with high bird and wildfowl populations. It’s only 10 minutes from Sebewaing. With over 3,700 acres of land and includes about seven miles along the Saginaw Bay shoreline.

Fish Point Wildlife Area
Map to Fish Point – Courtesy Google Maps

The Sebewaing FFA (Future Farmers of America) established a nature trail to hike and erected interpretive signs at the Fish Point Wildlife Area in the 1970s. This 1 1/2 mile trail begins at the observation tower and continues along the dike tops of the wetland impoundments managed for wildlife. Interpretive signs are located along the nature trail. The Fish Point Wildlife Area includes a wildlife and waterfowl observation tower and a wetland restoration project. The trail is closed during the hunting season.

#4 Take an Ice Cream Break at the Sebewaing Dairy Barn

Sebewaing Dairy Barn

The Dairy Barn along M-25 is a beloved local hang-out and the go-to place for a quick lunch. It has 26 flavors of soft serve and over 15 hand-dipped flavors only open during the summer season. You can order a malt, flurries, and even a real banana split. Hungry? Get burgers, footlong hot-dogs, coney dogs, steak sandwiches, and their famous fresh perch basket.

#5 See Some Strange and Unique Roadside Attractions Near Sebewaing Mi

Near Sebewaing, along M-25, you can see some unique and sites and attractions that make you do a double-take. “Did I Just See That?” Checking out unusual sites is one of the things to do near Sebewaing Mi.

Silver Hours in a GMC Truck Unionville
A Horse in a Truck in Unionville

Starting in Unionville, we just have to circle back and take a look. This GMC truck was behind a bunch of faded storefronts in Unionville. I think one of the buildings was used to store classic vehicles. My best guess is that this is a 1950 GMC 350 Dump Truck. It was almost like I was indulging my inner child who wanted to stop and take a look at just about every strange site during our family vacation trips in the 1960s. Seeking out roadside attractions is one of the fun things to do in the Upper Thumb.

Jenny The Beer Drinking Bear
Jenny The Beer Drinking Bear

Next in Quanicassee, we Jenny the Beer Drinking Bear. Frank Vanderbilt placed a statue of Jenny near his former resort’s site. It can be seen today as one of the Thumb’s roadside attractions. It’s one of the neat roadside attractions located near the Bay Shore Bar in Quanicassee, Mi. It’s a part of the lore at the base of the Thumb of Michigan.

Last is the strongly satisfying car fountain at the Bay Shore Grill. There is nothing like a good time stuffing a water hose through an old car to make a huge roadside attraction along M-25. The folks at Bay Shore Bar & Grill did just that. It’s unusual enough to stop and take a look and click a selfie.

#6 Visit The Lockhard Museum and Historic Sites

Luckhard Museum Sebewaing
Luckhard Museum Sebewaing

I’m a bit of a history nut and seek out historical sites and markers when we are traveling. After Port Hope, Sebewaing is a great place to find many historic sites and markers.

The Lockhard Museum and historic site is a small campus of a former Lutheran Mission built in 1849 for teaching the gospel to the American Indians. This museum is open the first Sunday of the month from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, from June through September. It is also open several times during the Michigan Sugar Festival in Sebewaing and on Memorial Day.

Lutheran Chapel Sebewaing
Lutheran Chapel Sebewaing

A replica of the tiny log chapel that was built in 1845 near the Chippewa village near Shebahyonk creek on Wild Fowl Bay. (Today, this site is thought to be the state of Michigan’s Sumac Island Access DNR Site at the end of Pigeon Road) The missionary, Rev. J. F. Maier, brought lumber by ship from Bay City, and the house was constructed in the summer of 1849. It was considered one of the first finished lumber homes in Huron County. The mission ran until 1854 when the Tribal members left the area and the Thumb region. In the 1950s, the structure was moved to its present location and restored by Charles F. Luckhard. It was declared a National Historic Site at Sebewaing Mi in 1972.

#7 Camp at Sebewaing County Park

This popular camping site is located on the Sebewaing River. This park offers 54 large RV full hook-up sites and 10 tent-ready rustic sites. Situated on 40 acres with 20 acres with three shoreline forest trails to explore. Kids will enjoy a great playground area with a teeter-totter, slides, monkey bars, and a sandpit that is perfect for bringing those old Tonka truck toys out to play.

While there is no beach area at the park, the Sebewaing Mi Harbor Marina is located just across the river. It is perfect for bringing your boat and renting a slip for the weekend or week playing on Wild Fowl and Saginaw Bays.

#8 Family Camp Experience At Bay Shore Camp

Bay Shore Camp, nestled in the serene town of Sebewaing, Michigan, provides an idyllic setting for both kids and adults to enjoy the great outdoors through its summer camp and year-round retreat opportunities. Surrounded by lush greenery, the camp boasts a network of nature trails that invite campers to explore the scenic landscape, providing a perfect backdrop for both adventure and relaxation. Daily activities at Bay Shore Camp are designed to enrich the camping experience, offering everything from arts and crafts to sports and educational nature workshops, ensuring that every day is full of fun and learning.

For families interested in creating lasting memories, Bay Shore Camp offers tailored family camping experiences that cater to all ages, making it an ideal getaway for bonding and recreation. The ultimate goal of Bay Shore Camp is to foster a deep connection with nature while promoting personal growth and family unity. Those interested in planning their next retreat or summer adventure can reach out to Bay Shore Camp directly at their phone number to learn more about their programs and secure a spot in this enriching environment.

Sebewaing, Mi Weather

In Sebewaing, Michigan, you can expect a humid continental climate. Summers are typically warm, reaching highs of 80°F, while winters are freezing with temperatures often falling below 16°F. Throughout the year, the region receives a substantial amount of precipitation, with about 33 inches of rain and 32 inches of snow annually. The area experiences its sunniest weather in July. (Source: “Climate Sebewaing – Michigan and Weather averages Sebewaing,” U.S. Climate Data)

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