Tractor in Front of Harbor Beach Corner Drug and Jewelry Store

Corner Drug Store Harbor Beach – Pioneering & Adapting to the Times For 140 Years

This interesting shot showing The Corner Drug Store Harbor Beach is estimated to be from about 1910. It shows a steam tractor towing a wagon and another team following behind. Originally I wanted to focus on the tractor. I still don’t know what the make is, but I suspect it may have been a Case.

Tractor in Front of Harbor Beach Corner Drug and Jewelry Store
Tractor and Team in Front of The Corner Drug & Jewelry Store Harbor Beach, MI

My focus changed when I looked at the photo further. The picture was taken in front of the Corner Drug and Jewelry Store. It turns out that this store has been featured in many photographs and postcards over the years.

Corner Store Harbor Beach Michigan
The Corner Drug and Jewelry Store Postcard – c1930s

The Corner Store is an icon for Harbor Beach. Its been the focal point of the city’s business on the main street and is featured in the city promotional brochures. According to the book, Traveling Michigan’s Thumb, the building was constructed by Robert W. Irwin in 1883. Less than ten years later, it became the Charles Pettit Drug and Optical Store.

Harbor Beach Corner Drug Store From Flickr

The Corner Drug and Jewelry Store, Harbor Beach, Michigan.

The Corner Store From Nearby

corner store harbor beach mi
Photo of the Corner Store and Hotel – circa1950s – Source unknown
Harbor Beach Corner Store 1900s
Early 1900s Postcard Shot of the Corner Store – Note dirt streets

Corner Drug Store Harbor Beach Newspaper Ad December 1921

Corner Store Ad 1921
From the Harbor Beach Times – 1921

The Corner Drug and Jewelry Store Today

This iconic Corner Drug Store Harbor Beach store continues today as a unique retailer with a wide range of products. The Corner Store in Harbor Beach offers CDs, posters, memorabilia, magazines, and entertainment collectibles. It also has a selection of vintage, collectible books focusing on Michigan and the Thumb region.

The Corner Store is notable because it’s the Upper Thumb’s only true record store. It has thousands of vintage vinal records from the owner, Mike Busick’s collection. The store’s neat feature is its 70 wooden drawers built into the wall from when it was a drug store. These now hold a large variety of collectibles. Bustick encourages customers to look through the store and open and skim through the drawers.

Bay Port Hotel 1887

The Bay Port Hotel – The Bay Port Hotel was one of the first tourist locations in the Thumb. Using rail as transport, guests could get to the calm waters of Wild Fowl Bay in a 1/2 a day yet still have all the amenities of a big city hotel. The days of frontier resorts would soon end in the early 1900s as lumbering ended in Michigan. This tale is also one of the most unique ghost stories in the Thumb.

Bach Michigan
Bach General Store

The Bach Michigan General Store – The Bach General Store, long since closed, was once the center of the community. These shops were a common sight in the days before Walmart and Dollar General. They served as a local focal point for conversation. These types of general stores were scattered all over Michigan as one could walk to or arrive on horseback or wagon.

Port Austin Pier

5 Top Instagram Worthy Locations In Michigan to Visit – Michigan is known for its Great Lakes and long sandy shorelines. As such, when you’re looking for Instagram-worthy photos to post, look no further than your own backyard here in Michigan. From the many magnificent waterfalls to natural wonders along the national lakeshore, here are five locations every photo-avid traveler needs to visit where they’re in the area.

Emil Baur Cabin
Emil Baur Cabin

A Collection of Rare Letters from Ora et Labora Founder Found in Ohio – Archives of Michigan is transcribing a collection of Ora et Labora colony letters written in English and German by Emil and Bertha Baur. Found in Ohio in 1974. The letters are in the process of being scanned, translated in preparation for being available online.

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