Michigan Thumb News Roundup

Michigan Thumb News Roundup – Drains, Decisions, and Disasters

From the boardroom to the blacktop, it’s been a week of snags and saviors in the Thumb region. Trustees, commissioners, and first responders are the week’s MVPs, proving that in Michigan’s mitten, the action never freezes.

Drain Dilemmas in Tuscola Township

By Mary Drier, Thumbnet.net, November 17, 2023, Tuscola Township’s latest Board of Trustees meeting was a veritable water world of woes sans Kevin Costner. They’re knee-deep in drainage issues, from storm drains to ditches that have seen better days. The township’s board has tasked the Tuscola County Road Commission with a cinematic quest — to video scope the storm drains because who doesn’t love a good underground tunnel drama? Meanwhile, Cottrell Road’s ditch is getting a celebrity makeover by Dave Gebhardt, ditch debris remover extraordinaire​​. Drain Drama in Tuscola — it’s like ‘Baywatch,’ but for drainage.

Lapeer’s Law and Order: Commissioners on a Hiring Frenzy

By Mary Drier, Thumbnet.net, November 17, 2023. The Lapeer County Board of Commissioners isn’t just sitting around passing notes. They’re on a hiring high, green-lighting new positions faster than you can say “bureaucratic boom.” With a new part-time Probate/Family Court probation officer and three health department hires, they’re staffing up like there’s no tomorrow. But wait, there’s more! They’re doling out dough for park perks, with the American Rescue Plan Act footing the bill​​. Commissioners’ Approval Spree — because who needs Santa when you have commissioners?

Collision Chaos on Sebewaing Road

By Deena Bruderick, Thumbnet.net, November 17, 2023, Huron County’s roadways turned into a demolition derby scene when a three-vehicle collision on Sebewaing Road called in the cavalry of emergency services. Oil spills, smoke, and a cascade of collisions led one hapless truck driver straight to the hospital. The accident featured a smoky obstacle course that would fluster even the most seasoned of drivers, leading to a vehicular ballet of the most disastrous kind. With tow trucks hauling away the automotive carnage, it was a Friday the residents won’t forget​​. Sebewaing Road Showdown — and you thought your commute was bad.

Wrapping Up

As the week closes, the tales from Michigan’s Thumb region blend the mundane with the mayhem. From the diligent decisions of township trustees to the swift actions of emergency responders, these stories weave a tapestry of community resilience. It’s clear that in this corner of the Mitten State, every challenge is met with unwavering grit and a dash of local charm. This is the pulse of the Thumb – where even drain discussions and road rescues become part of the vibrant narrative.

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