A Movie Filmed In Michigan At Turnip Rock

Our favorite kayak paddling spot near Port Austin was the set of a 2014 movie.  Jinn was one of the 2014 movies filmed in Michigan. Written as an action-horror-thriller film. Jinn is a mythical race of creatures that existed for eons before humans and existed for countless centuries. Similar to humans in many ways, the Jinn live invisibly among humans and are encountered only in the most unusual circumstances.

Jinn at Turnip Rock

Turnip Rock from Movie Trailer

Turnip Rock can be seen in the horror movies trailer. A dynamic fly-in to the tip of Pointe Aux Barques and the iconic rock formation. 2014 was when the Great Lakes hit a historic low water level. Thus the caves at Pointe Aux Barques were used in the film.

Jinn was filmed in many Michigan locations, including Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, Novi, Monroe, Commerce Township, Warren, Highland Park, and Port Austin. The trailer offers a neat perspective of the famous rock formation.

Turnip Rock – Movie Trailer

Jinn Trailer

Despite some dynamic cinematography, the film was brutally panned by critics. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 10% approval while the Hollywood Report and Boston Globe dismissed the film. Filmed in Michigan, Jinn can be found from time to time on some streaming services.

Watch Jinn

Caseville Beach Kayaks

Paddle Turnip Rock – Five Things to Know – One of the most amazing sites in the Upper Thumb is Turnip Rock. Carved over time by the force of constant wave action the soft limestone has been shaped to its namesake and separated from the mainland over thousands of years. CNN called it one of the Most Amazing Rock Formations in America and Pure Michigan featured it on its 2016 magazine cover. International travelers coming into Detroit Metropolitan Airport see Turnip Rock as their first view of Michigan’s wonder scenes coming into customs.

Chasing Jimmy – Local Movie About Crazy Caseville Cheeseburger Festival – A sold-out crowd at the Bay Theater got their first glimpse of the locally produced movie “Chasing Jimmy”. The documentary film was written produced and directed by Bob Brown a resident of Sand Point and executive producer and managing partner at Charity Island Pictures, LLC. This film chronicles the writer’s effort to invite tropical folk singer Jimmy Buffet to make an appearance at the annual Cheeseburger in Paradise festival held in Caseville in August.

14 of the Best Attractions in Michigan Thumb – With over 90 miles of shoreline, Michigan’s Thumb offers plenty of attractions. Some of it is out on the big lake while some is finding fun inland. There is always something to do or see near the tip of the Thumb. Most are free, the fun is finding and exploring things to do in Michigan’s Upper Thumb.

Caseville Cheeseburger Parade of Tropical Fools – The Caseville Cheeseburger Parade-goers started to line up chairs in their favorite spots along Main street starting at midnight. As of 9 am all the prime spots are usually taken. This year is expected to see some of the largest floats among the 100 of others and hundreds of marchers and dancers. The event typically lasts about two hours. Children make the best participants of the parade as candy and beads are typical items tossed from the floats.

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