Huron County Michigan Halt Wind Development

Bad Axe, Michigan – At a morning meeting on April 2, 2015, the Huron County Michigan board of commissioners decided to halt wind development. They approved a 90 day moratorium ordinance, with a possible 90 day extension on starting or approving any new wind projects in Michigan’s Thumb. After more than 2 1/2 hours of … Read more

Brave Souls Shrug Off Sub Zero Temps at Shanty Days 2015

winter 2015 141

Caseville’s Shanty Days were officially postponed in 2015 due to bone-chilling temperatures in the sub-zero range. These bottom-dwelling temperatures coupled with high winds and drifting snow it made for miserable outdoor conditions. Never the less some ventured out in near white out conditions.

Michigan Coffee is Steamy Spoofy Comfort

Drinking Coffee Benefits

Who knew drinking coffee could be so much fun. Found this video stacked up in our YouTube account, collecting time alone and no hits. I thought it worthy of a dust-off. This is one college student’s method of making a Michigan coffee. It combines some witty commercial outtakes. Smile! We also outline some of the … Read more