Rooftop Tent Camping

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Rooftop Tent Camping

If you have visited a campground in the past few years, you may have noticed a new trend: rooftop tent camping (RTTs). These unique camping shelters are designed to unfold easily using the roof of a vehicle as a support system. While rooftop camping has been popular in Europe and the western U.S., it has only recently gained global popularity. Lifelong ground campers are making the switch yearly thanks to the many rooftop camping benefits. 

Along with providing convenience and added safety, there are many reasons that campers are switching to tents from quality dealers like iKamper. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons you will fall in love with rooftop tent camping. 

Rooftop Tent Camping = Comfort

In terms of comfort, RTTs are unmatched. For comfortable sleeping, the flat surface makes all the difference. A high-density foam mattress is usually built into RTTs up to three inches thick. It is possible to keep your bedding inside most RTTs, especially hard shell tents. It means you won’t have to remove everything after each use, like sheets, pillows, and blankets.

Rooftop Tent Camping = Cleanliness

When you have done ground tent camping in the past, you probably know that it doesn’t take long for the dirt to get inside your tent. With rooftop camping, you can remove your shoes before you enter or bang them off on the ladder to minimize the dirt inside. It will not be necessary for you to worry about tracking dirt into your tent in the event the weather turns muddy. You also will not need to rinse off the bottom of your tent if the ground has become muddy.

Rooftop Tent Camping = Easy Set Up

If you have ever struggled with the endless poles and straps of a ground tent, you will appreciate the effortless setup with an RTT. Depending on your chosen model, you can set up with just one person in just minutes. In most cases, your tent can be ready in less than five minutes. 

Rooftop Tent Camping = Safety

No matter where you go camping, whether in the desert or in the high mountains, there will always be safety concerns to consider. In dry, arid conditions, ground tent campers risk dealing with deadly critters like snakes and scorpions. If you live in a northern region, you may have to deal with much larger predators than in a southern region. With an RTT, you gain the height of your vehicle to help keep you out of reach of most types of predators. 

Off-Road Capability

Off-road camping options are more popular than ever because campgrounds are filling up faster than ever. When you have a high-clearance vehicle with an RTT on board, you have an infinite number of options at your disposal. You can visit hidden camping places much more accessible than if you were traveling with an RV or trying to find a suitable place for a ground tent. 

Final Thoughts on Rooftop Tent Camping

If you are considering buying new camping equipment, consider the innovative rooftop tent options. You can get better sleep, explore off-road destinations, stay safe in the wild, and keep your tent clean with a rooftop tent. These are just a few benefits that will make you fall in love with rooftop tent camping. 

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