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10 End Of Summer Family Fun Things To Do In Bayfield Wisconsin

Bayfield offers a lot to experience during and at the end of summer. Like many places, it operates seasonally. Summer is the favorite time for Bayfield visitors to enjoy walking and biking tours, sailing outfitters, and having great meals. You can explore various tourist attractions in this small Wisconsin town at the summer’s end. If you spend a few days in Bayfield, this small town is ready to keep you busy and bring astonishing scenes. So, book your ticket and get ready for a beautiful trip to Wisconsin. Here are the ten interesting, end-of-summer fun things to do in Bayfield, Wisconsin

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Kayaking In The Sea Caves Of The Apostle Islands 

Right within this vicinity, the first alluring place in Bayfield is the Apostle Island sea caves. These caves are one of the most crowded destinations. The winds and waves give a haunting glow to the memorable trip. The left side of Apostle Island is surrounded by a narrow passageway of orange sandstone.

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These caves can be explored while kayaking, the outstanding side of the Bayfield peninsula and Sand and Devils Islands. Set up a professional guide tour who can provide you with a long day trip, including lunch and all needed gear for kayaking.

Visit The Bayfield Maritime Museum

If you plan to visit the caves and island, you’ll also love the trip to Bayfield Maritime Museum. This popular museum is usually visited by thousands of visitors at the end of summer. This free museum is worth the visitors with the dynamic nautical history of the area.

This museum is surrounded by volunteers with a collection of maritime artifacts and informative placards. There is a good mixture of boats, shipwrecks, and lighthouse history.

In addition, they recently added a treasure hunt series for kids where they can find the items to make a picture. This classic Bayfield Maritime Museum has a lot to read and enjoy.

Concerts At Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua

Known for the music venue and performing art, “Culture under Canvas” is situated at the Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua. It is surrounded by one-sided hill areas and grassy places, where all the area has excellent beautiful sitting.

This venue has an overall capacity of 900 people. Their new tent is majestic, and the internal and external feeling of having the tents in a beautiful place emerges as one of the most exciting sensations, which is not easy to ignore. They offer iconic music and continue to attract tourists with a lovely, cool breeze and fun activities.

Lovely music, a great venue, and a beautiful setting with good food make an intimate experience to be a star attraction to locals and tourists alike.

Explore The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

This is a great place to cumulate an expensive view of Lake Superior and the caves. It covers 12 miles of caves along the peninsula’s shoreline and includes 21 to 22 Apostle Islands. At the end of summer, tourist companies offer various activities here. However, it is hard in winter to reach the lakeshore as it freezes.

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According to Luke Daniels, a travel blogger from Crowd Writer, “I recommend booking a boat for a 3-hour trip, as they are highly comfortable with well-guided captains. These caves are beautiful in summer, and a family trip makes kayaking easy. These well-maintained routes and scenic overlooks provide a breathing view to the visitors.”

Visiting The Orchards

Another of the things to do in Bayfield Wisconsin is to visit an orchard. Pick the map and check out the website for what berries and fruits are available at the end of summer.

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You can thoroughly enjoy the beautiful visit to the Orchard, including Bayfield Apple Company, Hauser’s Superior View Farm, and Blue Vista Farm. You can enjoy having fresh fruits or your favorite berries. Moreover, you can also enjoy walking by drinking cider on sunny days. You’ll find different varieties and lots of apple-related items. Also, they have expert and cooperative staff, so I highly recommend you to visit there.

Rent A Sailboat At Apostle Islands

Enjoy the breeze by booking a sailing tour at Apostle Island. About a 55-mile cruise highlights the Apostle Island National Lakeshore. You can learn sailing, take the wheel, or just relax while exploring an island with your loved ones.

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You can get involved in sailing like a dream catcher, which offers full-day, half-day, or overnight sailing excursions. You can find some sailing charters at reasonable prices. Sailing excursions are offered for about $65 per person.

Swimming And Chilling On Madeline Island

Madeline Island provides transportation between Bayfield and the charming town of La Pointe. It is the largest Apostle Island. It is 14-mile long and 3-mile wide and is covered with snow during the wintertime.

On the east side of the Island, Big Bay State Park and nearby Big Bay Town Park are situated, which bring a good time for hiking, swimming, and biking at the end of the summer. With the miles of sandy beaches, locals like it for biking on the 45 miles of relatively flat roads.

Hiking Bayfield’s Many Trails

If you want to take outdoor feet, check out the many hiking trails in Bayfield. Find a guide that will provide complete detail on where to hike along the Bayfield shore or the extensive trail system on the hill overlooking Bayfield.

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If you want to hike the Apostle Islands Lakeshore trail, Meyers Beach is the best hiking option to explore at the end of summer. It is situated at a 20-minute drive from Bayfield. This lakeshore trail is one of the most popular trails to enjoy, and it costs only $5 to park.

Shopping Along The Streets In Bayfield

Bayfield shops are a short walk from the lakefront and the Old Rittenhouse Inn. It is known as the Victorian charms, as many small districts host several shops.

Bayfield shops offer a variety of things for everyone. The great selection of house wear clothes, eclectic mix of quaint locally, Apostle Islands Booksellers that offer a variety of books, freshly roasted coffee at Big Water Coffee, and Howl Downtown points out the collection of outdoor wear or pet items.

Dinner At The Landmark Restaurant

It is situated at one of the best historic locations in the old Rittenhouse. In 1890, it was the first restaurant to be built in Wisconsin city. It has 20 rooms with whirlpool tubs and a fireplace that bring a majestic view to the stayers.

The old richer inn offers a great dining menu with appetizing dishes such as pork chop, steak Bercy or carpetbagger steak, fresh fish, pasta, curry, and lamb. No doubt it is a great place to stay.

Final Thoughts on Things to Do in Bayfield Wisconsin

Bayfield, Wisconsin, is the best travel destination where traditions, history, and culture combine to bring you the essence of organic, home-grown, and genuine experience.

So, pack your bag and plan your trip to Wisconsin on the shore of Lake Superior as the Bayfield and the Apostle Islands awaits you.

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