Oak Beach – The Gathering Place

The first thing folks notice at Oak Beach County Park is just how large it is. Sitting on over 40 acres it sports a beautiful beach, a playground, pavilion for family gatherings and well-maintained horseshoe pits. Across M25 is a modern campground with a total of 55 sites featuring full services for camper and tent camping.

Caseville Beach
Beach on Saginaw Bay

It’s known as a great gathering place for horseshoe tournaments, family reunions, and even local government functions and picnics. It’s central location between Caseville and Port Austin make it a great place to gather for a swim or for kids to play on the beach.

Oak Beach County Park
View of Saginaw Bay from Oak Beach County Park

The pavilion offers shelter with a great vista of Saginaw Bay on the sugar sand beach. Beach walkers can park and stroll miles along the shoreline.

Huron Nature Center
Boardwalk at the nearby Huron Nature Center

Nearby attractions include Sandy Dunes mini-golf, the Huron County Nature Center and on Saturdays the Port Austin Farmers Market is a short drive away.  The larger than life art creation “Emergency Ark” can be found down Oak Beach Road.

Emergency Ark by Scott Hocking
Emergency Ark by Scott Hocking

Campers at the park enjoy a variety of activities including complimentary coffee, cookies & donuts every Saturday morning, movies (weather permitting), crafts and karaoke. You can find special events posted on the bulletin board in the camping area. Wifi has been introduced but they are still working the coverage areas out within the campgrounds.

Reservations, pricing and further information can be found at the Huron County Parks page.

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