Michigan Lighthouses of The Upper Thumb

There are 124 Michigan lighthouses across the state.  They are unique, functional and draw many visitors to explore their grounds or climb the towers.  Of the four lighthouses in the Upper Thumb, only one is accessible directly from the land. All the others need a boat to access. Port Austin Reef Lighthouse The light was first … Read more

ThumbWind Translations in Many Languages

ThumbWind Footer

The Upper Thumb in Any Language This has been a big growth year for our little blog. With over 4,000 followers we were noticing visits from all over the world. However, our visitors from Germany, Japan, and other countries were frustrated by our inability to accommodate their local language. ThumbWind can now be viewed and … Read more

Tawas Michigan – Fun Across the Bay

Tawas, Fun Across the Bay

On summer evenings we can see the blinking lights of the Tawas area from our beach. It’s a day’s sail from Caseville but a several hour drive from the Upper Thumb.  The bay is clear due to the currents coming in from Lake Huron and the little town nestled near the harbor is a charming mix of tourist and art colony.