Port Austin Street Scene Postcard from 1951

This Post Austin Postcard was found for sale online. The town was first called Byrd’s Creek, after Jeduthan Byrd, who built a sawmill here in 1839. Selling his firm to Rollin Smith, Alfred Dwight & P.C. Austin, it had been renamed Dwightville for Alfred Dwight in 1854.

Alfred Dwight put a street light on a pole for a lighthouse, the vicinity came known as Austin’s Dock, then Austin Port, and finally Port Austin. Rollin Smith became the primary postmaster in January 1856. The community was incorporated into a village in 1887.

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  1. Nice job Mike on the site. The wife and I will be checking things out in your area. We have since retired from down below and live in the Canadian Lakes area.

    Rick Allen


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