Study Finds High Levels of Forever Chemicals In Popular Great Lakes Sports Fish

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Michigan – A shocking new study by the Environmental Working Group says that perfluorinated chemicals like PFAS and PFOS, (aka forever chemicals) are found in the freshwater fish that many sports fishermen the the Great Lakes region catch and eat. According to new research, eating even one serving of freshwater fish a year may be … Read more

MDNR Concludes 2022 fisheries survey For Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Saginaw Bay

Fisheries Survey

We have been waiting for the latest fisheries survey since the summer ended. One of our most popular posts is entitled What Happened To All The Yellow Perch In Saginaw Bay? It was a 2020 interview with Tom Goniea, a Senior Fish Biologist within the Fisheries division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources on … Read more

Lake Michigan Beach Access Case – Supreme Court Won’t Consider Pleas Of Lake Michigan Shoreline Owners Who Wanted to Prevent Use

Mom and Daughter Playing on Caseville Beach

Despite competing arguments from private property owners, local residents, and environmental groups, the Supreme Court effectively determined that citizens’ beach access rights extend beyond the water to an administratively established boundary on the shore, regardless of beach ownership.

Planet Earth First – 4 Point Recycle Guide for Commercial Buildings

recycle guide for commercial buildings

Hotels, restaurants, schools, office buildings, and other commercial buildings can generate significant amounts of waste. How can these facilities manage their amounts of materials and waste, reduce costs, and improve sustainability? Here is our four-point recycle guide for commercial buildings.

Sustainable Construction and Smart Cities Opportunities in Michigan

Construction Site - Smart Cities

Michigan cities are taking an active approach to this growing problem through their construction and city infrastructure. There are various projects and initiatives underway that are designed to meet the construction needs of the public while also prioritizing sustainable methods. This is a prime example of how governments around the world should approach the challenges of oncoming climate change.