Pinnebog Wind Farm

Wind Farm

The Pinnebog Wind Farm is located in Huron County, Michigan. It consists of thirty GE 1.7 MW turbines located producing a rated 50MW of power. The park is located on approximately 14,000 acres. The project was one of the larger ones in the Thumb. Over 23 miles of buried collection feeds, 34 road crossings including … Read more Pinnebog Wind Farm

Michigan Wind Farm Map

Michigan Wind Farm Map

Michigan has a total of 1,032 operational turbines producing 1,881 MW. Plans underway show 1,084 turbines with 2,161 MW operational in 2018. Michigan produced 4.6% of its electricity needs from industrial wind operations in 2016. Michigan’s Upper Thumb currently has 472 operating wind turbines in 2018. Huron county has the largest installed wind energy base in the Great Lakes region.

Michigan Wind Farm Accident Map 2009 – 2019

Wind Farm Accidents

Michigan Wind Farm Incidents 2009 – 2017. Compiled from public data and news sources. Contains incidents, accidents and failures in industrial wind farms within the State of Michigan.

Beebe Community Wind Farm

Michigan Wind Farm Map

The Deerfield Wind Farm in Huron County Michigan was a joint venture between RES Americas and Algonquin Power & Utility Corp. Completed in 2016