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How To Keep Guns In Top Condition Before, During, And After The Hunting Season

Hunting has a long history and remains one of the grittiest, most exciting outdoor activities. The adrenaline, the pursuit, the waitingthese alone give you all the reasons to wait for the season with bated breath.  Your gun is arguably the most crucial equipment for hunting, so you’d want to keep guns in top condition to ensure it’s up to the task. A perfectly maintained gun increases the chances of smooth, easy takedowns. When the season ends, storing it in a safe place is essential. 

Knowing this, first-time and veteran hunters should keep tabs on how they care for their weapons. Here are some tips to keep guns in excellent condition before, during, and after the hunting season.

Use Suitable Storage

Proper gun storage is essential before, during, and after the hunting season. After all, your weapon can quickly become a safety hazard if you leave it around. For instance, your children might hurt themselves if they mistake it for a plaything. It’d be best to store your weapon out of other people’s reach to avoid fatal accidents in your household.

On that note, you must find an ideal storage option for your hunting gun. Some storage options that may be suitable at home include the following:

  • Safes: Gun safes are among the most secure storage options. They can be fitted with the most sophisticated security features, such as biometric locks. Also, gun safes made from steel are hard to break into. They’re also fire-resistant, guaranteeing your gun’s safety in a fire.  
  • Mounts: A mount is an excellent way to store and organize your gun collection safely. If you have several hunting guns, you’d want to display them for your family and visitors to see. It’s a decorative element to your interior, giving visitors something to look at and talk about. Besides safety, mounts ensure you can easily access your gun. Different forms are available depending on your gun size and type. For instance, a pistol wall mount would be an incredible addition to your room if you own shotguns. You can also pick between vertical or horizontal mounts depending on your wall configuration. 
  • Lockable cabinets: These are storage drawers that can be fitted on your walls or bedside. You can also install them in hidden places, such as behind your door. These cabinets can be customized with security configurations so only authorized personnel can access the gun. This option dramatically reduces the chances of the weapon falling into the wrong hands.  
  • Gun cases: It’s an ideal storage option for shotguns. It can fit right in as home décor, depending on the overall aesthetic of your home. When shopping for a gun case, go for one with a hard-to-breach lock.

It’s best to consider the material used in the storage device for your gun. Steel is the most suitable for guns because of its durability and coverage. Some finely crafted wooden cabinets could suffice as long as they provide protection from unrestricted access, moisture, and heat. 

Of course, you should compare your choices before settling on anything. Check the specs and the features each storage option provides for the best results.

Read The Manual

Keep Guns In Top Condition

Reading the manual is one of the best ways to keep tabs on your hunting gun. Most manufacturers have specific guidelines on handling, storing, and using your weapon. Not all guns work the same way, especially if you’re using the latest iterations of a single model line. A guide will keep you on the safe side, ensuring you get the best out of your firearm of choice. 

One safety precaution when storing your hunting gun is to disassemble it. The user manual usually lays out the necessary steps. It also has some information on the best practices regarding handling specific gun parts.  

For instance, some manufacturers will say that the hammer must face down when carrying your gun in an empty chamber. You may cause mechanical damage to your weapon if you don’t observe such rules. 

Also, you may need some guidelines if you plan to modify your gun. Reading the manual for the best gun handling tips should give you a good grasp of the best ways to do this.

Clean Your Gun 

Grit is part of the appeal of hunting.

When hunting deer in Michigan, Texas, or other places, you can always expect your gun to get muddy or dusty. It can reduce your chances of making quick, clean shots. You must ensure your rifle is clean when hunting during a rainy season or in the snow. 

You may need to disassemble the gun and remove some parts for cleaning. For instance, if there’s mud in your barrel, the dirt may interfere with the flight path of the ammunition. Also, a soiled firing pin may reduce your chances of shooting right at your target. It causes a light strike which keeps the primer from igniting the powder inside the bullets. 

Therefore, cleaning your gun before and after hunting is essential. Try practicing doing this as efficiently as you can so you avoid losing out on a good trail.

Keep Your Arsenal In Top Condition

Taking proper care of your gun increases your chances of clean shots. It’s not a one-off thing, either. You must check it regularly before, during, and after the hunting season to ensure it’s in excellent working condition. 

Final Thought on How To Keep Guns In Top Condition

Proper care and maintenance of your hunting guns are crucial for an enjoyable and safe hunting experience. By following the tips provided in this guide, you can ensure your weapons remain in excellent working condition, increasing your chances of clean shots and memorable hunting trips. Consult with experts for further guidance, and happy hunting!

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