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How Ukrainian Students Study During a Full-Scale War in Ukraine In 2022

Ukraine has been suffering from war since 2014, but the biggest impact was felt this year. Millions of Ukrainians could no longer live the way they did. Perhaps some of the most disadvantaged in this situation are children and young adults who are particularly vulnerable to emotional suffering. Not only has it been difficult for them to cope with the war psychologically, but it has also become more challenging for Ukrainian students to continue studying.

All the schools have been closed, so students can no longer visit their educational institutions to have in-person classes. Fortunately, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine had ensured that all schools would transition to distance learning and continue teaching students that way. In some way, this was possible thanks to the knowledge and experience acquired about distance learning during the COVID-19 lockdowns. That being said, not everyone is equipped to provide classes that way – and not everyone enjoys them.

Ukrainian Students Want to Continue Studying No Matter What

According to the Ministry, the educational situation varies from region to region. For instance, in two different regions, the security situation is so unstable that all schools had to stop their educational processes completely. On the other hand, in four other regions, partial distance learning has been organized. It is difficult to tell how many students continue studying across the country, but it’s safe to say that many students and their families still remain in Ukraine and are still studying.

Students who struggled with schoolwork before the war know how to find academic help online. For example, they can get in touch with the writing services reviews site Top Writing Reviews to find professional academic writers and editors who can check their assignments on various subjects. Everyone understands the current situation, and many educational institutions, organizations, and companies have gone out of their way to help Ukrainian students continue learning.

Internet Connectivity a Problem for Ukrainian Students

One of the biggest problems is communication. For some time, specific regions didn’t have an Internet connection, mobile communication, or even electricity because of the active fighting in the areas. These means of communication have been generally restored, so most students who want to participate in distance learning can do so by using their computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Those students staying in relatively safe regions mostly use computers to access their lessons and continue studying. The Ministry ensures that all the teachers are supplied with the right materials for distance learning and can provide classes to their students even in a remote environment. That said, new challenges continue arising every week, so there are always new problems to solve.

A Shift in Population West For Ukrainian Students

For instance, regions where military activities make regular life extremely unsafe can’t conduct remote lessons. Teachers, students, and their families have mostly fled these areas and either relocated to other regions within Ukraine or may have even left the country entirely. Teachers, instructors, and professors who left their homes have kept in touch with their educational institutions to continue receiving their salaries and teaching students.

The situation was so bad in certain areas that there was no way for teachers to continue working in their institutions. By Mar. 31, 76 educational institutions had been destroyed completely, with other 722 being damaged. Several months have passed since, so the numbers are likely much higher now as the fighting is ongoing in many places. Rebuilding and repairing these will cost a lot, but for now, teachers are trying to continue educating their students even if they can’t be present at school physically.

4.3 Million Children Displaced Due to War in Ukraine

Courtesy – Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

There are also many additional online resources that students can use to aid their learning. For instance, the custom writing reviews site Rated by Students encourages students to reach out to them to get advice on their written assignments. Moreover, students in higher education can reach out to the agency to get help with their dissertations or other complex assignments if they need assistance or professional advice.

According to UNICEF, just one month after the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 4.3 million Ukrainian children had been displaced. That is over half of all children in the country. Some of these remained in the country with their families, while others left Ukraine and fled to other countries as refugees. According to the UN, at least two children have been killed every day since the beginning of the invasion, with many others being injured.

Ukraine Government Turns to Online Schools

While it is challenging to protect every child, everyone is trying their best. The Ministry of Education and Science has also been implementing different measures to make education easier in these difficult times. For example, the “All-Ukrainian School Online” was one of the most widely used platforms to provide Ukrainian students with distance learning opportunities during the war.

Together with UNICEF, the Ministry also launched the online kindergarten NUMO for children aged 3-6. Different TV channels broadcast lessons daily, while YouTube has also been widely used to provide Ukrainian students access to classes. This project to broadcast lessons on TV and make them available on YouTube has been dubbed “Learning Without Borders,” which is meant to ensure that students in Ukraine can continue studying no matter what.

Private Sector Stepping up For Education

Besides different government initiatives, private companies are doing their part to make education more accessible right now. Many private physical and online schools have started offering their classes and educational materials online for free. Even foreign educational institutions have started offering their classes for free to Ukrainian students. It is a way to show support while also truly making a difference.

It is hard to tell when the war will end. Some say it will happen soon, while others believe it could drag on for years. The children and young adults who are students today are the future of Ukraine which is why they need to complete their studies successfully. It’s good that there are many opportunities for them to do so, but we can only hope that they will look into the future with a desire to rebuild their country and continue living.

Psychological Help For Those Children Traumatized By War

Courtesy – Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

Because the war can be extremely detrimental to the mental health of children, teenagers, and young people, the emotional turmoil experienced by students could be disruptive to their studies. This is why it is necessary to help students deal with their emotions and feelings healthily and recover, at least partially, from the trauma they get from the war. Parents need to look for ways to help their children cope, especially by finding professionals such as psychologists who can deliver proper mental health care.

It is important that parents understand that there can be different reactions to the war (both in children and adults), including:

·         Fearing for the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

·         Experiencing a loss of control coupled with feeling overwhelmed and confused.

·         Feeling helpless and losing a sense of stability.

·         Being angry at the situation at large or specific people.

·         Confusion and a need to constantly monitor the news.

·         Feeling isolated and thinking that no one else feels what you are feeling.

In many cases, people experience several of these feelings all at once, which can be extremely overwhelming and can easily prevent students from keeping up with their daily activities. It can be difficult to fall asleep at night, concentrate during classes, or complete homework without checking the news. Instead of pretending that these feelings don’t exist, it is necessary to address them and handle them correctly.

Students need to be encouraged to talk with their family and friends and qualified professionals who can provide proper mental health care. Unfortunately, many adults can also be overwhelmed, which is why parents can’t always help their children overcome these feelings. This is why it is essential to seek help from a professional psychologist instead of trying to deal with feelings on your own.

Keeping Active Helps Mental Health

One of the best ways to deal with these emotions is by keeping up with a daily routine that can help students feel normal to some extent. Doing house chores, keeping up with schoolwork, participating in extracurricular activities, and spending time with friends and family can help the students feel better. Most of this is possible only if the family is in a safe environment and doesn’t have to worry about basic safety constantly.

Certain physiological needs should be satisfied first and foremost. Students need to get enough sleep according to their age, eat a healthy and balanced diet, and get regular physical activity. All these can help reduce stress and eliminate anxiety while helping students maintain good physical and mental health. Parents should also try to limit their children’s exposure to media and social media. These are sources of information that can be extremely negative and quickly lead to information overload.

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