Michigan Art in the Upper Thumb

Port Austin is becoming a draw for Michigan art and artists. With annual studio tours, Porch Fest, galleries, and the big Labor Day Art in the Park event. The little town at the end of the road has become an artist colony.

Artists in the Thumb Turn Old Barns into Art

The Emergency Arc

Just down the road a bit from Oak Beach is an amazing site. An entire barn has been transformed into an Ark. This larger than life work of art was completed by sculpturing artist Scott Hocking in 2015. He has transformed an 1800s barn into a large object denoting sanctuary and safety. The Ark can be found about a mile south of Oak Beach on Oak Beach road and Fehner.

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White Church Art Gallery – When you first walk into the gallery it’s like stepping into a different world. There is no equal in the Upper Thumb. The unique colors and subtle light treatment show off the various artwork. Everywhere you turn there is something to explore.

Cottage Road Signs Color M-25 Along the Shore – Sign art for the cottage or cabin is a Michigan tradition that has a useful purpose. Many times travelers watch for these signs like a sailor watches for a lighthouse. When traveling at highway speeds these signs are the only thing that catches the eye.

How Art, a Market and Paddling Saved Port Austin – Small towns are struggling to survive. Caseville Cheeseburger Festival offers merchants a chance to make their year profitable in a single week. Summer festivals in the Thumb celebrate beans, polka, sugar, potatoes, fish sandwiches, and chicken wings. Port Austin has transformed itself to a destination for rich experiences, not just a yearly event.

Port Austin Beach at Bird Creek County Park – This small park is walking distance from main street, (Lake Street) and a perfect spot to launch your kayak for a morning trip to Turnip Rock.

Michigan Barn Art in the Upper Thumb – The Ten Barns in Ten Years project is firmly underway. The barn project is particularly exciting as it is so accessible and larger than life. With three of the ten barns complete, we explore the progress and uniqueness of each barn.

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