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Cottage Art: Upper Thumb Cottage Road Signs

Cottage Art

If you’re diving along M-25 along the coast of Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay in the Upper Thumb you may start to notice a decorative version of “cottage sign art” that typically gets overlooked. These little gems of folksy creativity signal of what lay beyond and out of reach for those who are not invited, guests. Yet these symbols of “welcome here” are colorful cottage decoration to the passing eye hurtling down the ribbon of pavement at 60 MPH.

The Decorative Cottage Art of Michigan’s First Scenic Highway

Sign art for the cottage or cabin is a Michigan tradition that has a useful purpose. Many time travelers watch for these signs like a sailor watches for a lighthouse. When traveling at highway speeds these signs are the only thing that catches the eye.

Here is a small sample between Caseville and Sleeper State Park along M-25.

Roadside cottage decoration sign art is an up and coming nitch for craftsmen and artists. Distressed Signage is a favorite gig and becoming an Etsy and Ebay theme. Do you have a favorite? If so send a shot of your cottage sign to contact@thumbwind.com. We will post it in a future edition.

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