Explorer Charters Sunset and Lighthouse Viewing Cruises This Summer

Michigan Lighthouses - Charity Island Tower

This summer see Charity Islands Lighthouse and Gravely Shoals
Light or enjoy a Sunset Cruise from Caseville.

Its a different perspective from offshore.

Embark on a mini adventure to see one of the least visited lighthouses and islands on the Great Lakes.

7 Secrets to Learn About the Tawas Point Lighthouse

Tawas Point

Across Saginaw Bay from Michigan’s Thumb sits one of the prettiest lighthouses in Michigan.

The Michigan History Center has produced a video that offers viewers a virtual tour of climbing the lighthouse tower. As each step is made up of the tower, bits of history and fascinating design and functional aspects of the lighthouse are revealed. In the end, there is a little test you can take to on seven of the little aspects of the Tawas Point Lighthouse.