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We examine stories and events that shaped the history of the Upper Thumb and Michigan. While we focus on the Thumb region, other Great Lakes historical events are covered. Major events include the lumbering era and the 1871 and 1881 great fires. We cover major pioneers and personalities that shaped the region.

Our best Michigan history posts are found below.

White Rock Cover 0

White Rock: The Sacred Cornerstone of Michigan’s Thumb

Indigenous Peoples of Michigan, the Anishinabeg, views the White Rock on the edge of the Lake Huron shore as a sacred site. The rock was much, much larger than it appears today. (Which in 2019 is mostly underwater). The Indian...

Huron City Cover 2

The Faded Glory of Huron City Michigan

Huron City Michigan is a historic district and museum with buildings from the 1800s. The town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995.


The Huron County Poor Farm

The story that follows was gleaned from a biogragical portrait of Bad Axe and the Huron County Poor Farm published about 1900. While edited for content, it contains the language common of that point in time. Bad Axe, Michigan, the...

Garfield Inn Port Austin 0

Garfield Inn, Pioneer Elegance in the North

Short history of Charles Learned, the builder and Huron County pioneer who build the Garfield Inn and was friends with a US President James Garfield.

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