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We examine stories and events that shaped Michigan history. While we focus on the Thumb region, other Great Lakes historical events are covered. Major events include the 1871 and 1881 great fires.

Our best Michigan history posts are found below.

Charity Island Featured Image 2

The History of the Mysterious and Remote Charity Island

This history of Charity Island spans 100’s of years. Today the island is a wildlife sanctuary and visited by few people each year.

Ora Labora Part II 0

Ora Labora 1863 – A Lost Colony in Michigan’s North – Part Two

Part II of the Ora Labora story outlines the summer of 1863. Building is rapid and progress exciting in Michigan’s north. But the looming effect of the Civil War is about to impact this fledgling German religious colony’s effort to bring their culture and traditions to the Great Lakes wilderness.

Grindstone City Title 0

History of the Thumb’s First Industry

The accidental find of the Marshal Sandstone formation in Michigan’s Upper Thumb in 1834 gave rise to one of the areas first industries. Grindstone City became famous for its production of huge grinding wheels until a disruptive technology change slid the industry into obsolescence.

LEGEND of Whiskey HARBOR 2

The Legend of Whiskey Harbor During Michigan Prohibition

On the eastern edge of Michigan’s Thumb lies a lonely and very rocky cove on the shore of Lake Huron. The remote area sits on a layer of limestone that makes it hard to build on so it remains undeveloped to this day. It’s hard to imagine that this beautiful...

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