Category: Michigan History

We examine stories and events that shaped Michigan history. While we focus on the Thumb region, other Great Lakes historical events are covered. Major events include the 1871 and 1881 great fires.

Our best Michigan history posts are found below.

Charles-Learned-Port-Austin-Michigan 0

Garfield Inn, Pioneer Elegance in the North

Short history of Charles Learned, the builder and Huron County pioneer who build the Garfield Inn and was friends with a US President James Garfield.

Sebewaing-Cider-and-Jelly 2

Sebewaing Cider and Jelly Factory was a Treat

In the late 1800s families were setting up many businesses in Michigan’s Upper Thumb. We take a loot at one interesting enterprise in Sebewaing.

Charity Island Featured Image 2

The History of the Mysterious and Remote Charity Island

This history of Charity Island spans 100’s of years. Today the island is a wildlife sanctuary and visited by few people each year.

Ora Labora Part II 0

Ora Labora 1863 – A Lost Colony in Michigan’s North – Part Two

Part II of the Ora Labora story outlines the summer of 1863. Building is rapid and progress exciting in Michigan’s north. But the looming effect of the Civil War is about to impact this fledgling German religious colony’s effort to bring their culture and traditions to the Great Lakes wilderness.

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