Michigan Quiz

Michigan Quiz – 20 Things That Folks From Michigan Do, Know, or Say

Can you pass this 20-question Michigan quiz on the most common things that folks from Michigan do, know, and say?

Mackinac Lighthouse and Bridge

Even if you have lived in the state your entire life, you may not know some regional differences of the Great Lakes State. Live in this state long enough, and you will develop a Michigan slang that can drive other folks in the Midwest downright crazy. How we talk, give travel directions, go and what we call things are unique to Michigan but translate well with our Wisconsin and Minnesota neighbors.

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The Problem with Beach Easements… – As long as I’ve been coming up to the Upper Thumb the ongoing topic is property lines and easements. Because of the varied couture of the lake, there is no true square lot within the first 1/4 mile of the beach. Everything is at odd angles and measurements. As a result, folks are always putting sheds on their neighbor’s lot or cutting down someone else trees. Don’t get me started about fence lines.

7 Little Secrets of Michigan’s Sleeper State Park – Sleeper State Park was the first state park in the Thumb. It has been a place to visit for over 95 years with an excellent beach and modern campsites. Visitors can watch both sunrises and sunsets on Saginaw Bay, relax in the shade and seclusion under the tall oaks in the campground or roam the trails of the ancient dune forests.

Work from Your Michigan Cottage 101: Effective Ways to Setup Your Workstation – With the COVID-19 outbreak forcing quarantine measures, many professionals have been instructed to “work from home.” This can mean a lot of things for many industries – from bringing their office equipment home, to using their PCs, smartphones and laptops.

The Last Time A Michigan Governor Shutdown the State Due to a Pandemic – 102-year years ago, Michigan governor Albert Sleeper, a Republican from the Thumb Region, was faced with a health catastrophe. The Spanish Flu was a global pandemic that started the spring of 1918. The virus was raging in Michigan. Every county had reported cases. On one day alone, October 18th, 1918 the state reported over 1800 new cases and 79 deaths.

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  1. Fun quiz! I have to say though, I am 58 years old and have lived in Michigan for 57.5 of those years (Saginaw and the GR area) and have never heard anyone say door wall in my life. I wonder if that’s specific to one region.

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