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4 Family Friendly Ski Resorts In France – An Insider Review

France is one of the most famous European destinations all year round. The idyllic countryside, the chic urban centers, the dramatic alpine landscape, the elegant French culture, and the local cuisine make people place it high on their travel bucket lists. Especially for the number of ski resorts in France. Most people keep going back to France again and again. 

You should not miss your chance to visit France this winter. If you are a parent, it makes sense that you worry that young kids may not be able to appreciate the country’s culture and history. However, they can — and will — enjoy its natural beauty and the fun activities it offers. Below you will find four family-friendly ski resorts you should seriously consider staying at during your winter holidays in France. 

Resort 1: Les Carroz

Les Carroz is one of the five ski resorts that make up the famous Grand Massif ski area. It is situated at an altitude of 1100 meters, meaning that kids and adults will enjoy snow-covered pistes without worrying about starting their ski journey too strongly. You can fill up your days with many relaxed and touristy activities such as going for a swim in a heated outdoor pool, having dinner at a high-end restaurant, going for a drink at a fancy bar, and staying at an excellent accommodation unit. 

Resort 2: Les Arc 1950

In Paradiski, one of the largest ski areas in the world and in France in particular, you will find a picturesque resort called Les Arc 1950. As you can guess from its name, it is at an altitude of about 1950 meters. You should be quick to book your accommodation with Erna Low there because it is one of the top destinations for families who love winter holidays. The fact that no cars are allowed in the resort, that events and activities specially designed for kids are offered and that there are numerous shops, restaurants, bars, and wellness centers for everyone to enjoy making it perfect for all kinds of families. 

Resort 3:  Montchavin – Les Coches

Montchavin – Les Coches is one of the villages in the La Plagne ski resort, near Les Arc. Of the eleven villages that make up the La Plagne area, Montchavin – Les Coches is the one most families prefer. The two separate villages are linked with a gondola. Most activities and events are designed with young kids in mind. This does not mean that adults have nothing to do for fun there. Yoga classes, ice-skating, dog sledding, snowshoeing, and hiking are a few of the group and family activities offered. 

Resort 4: Val Thorens

Of all the ski resorts in France, Val Thorens is a skiing destination many families spend their holidays at. You will travel to the Three Valley area to reach the particular ski resort. Again, no cars are allowed in Val Thorens, and the wide range of fun indoor and outdoor activities make families, friends, and solo skiers feel safe and happy to go there. It is worth mentioning that there are many pistes in total, so beginner, intermediate and experienced skiers can find the right one for them.

Final Thoughts on Ski Resorts in France

Hopefully, we’ve helped you make the choice of where to book your next ski holiday. If you’re just planning on dropping in for a short ski weekend, you might want to consider one of the smaller ski resorts in France. For those of you with kids, it’s good to know that there are four family-friendly options in France. In the end, each resort will offer something different based on your needs. Do your research and choose the one that is right for you. Have fun, and have safe and happy skiing.

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