The Michigan Thumb Town of Pinnebog

The Little Four Corner Town 

Pinnebog Walter Hume, “the Daniel Boone of Hume Township,” became the first settler in the area in 1844.  This little four corner settlement was first called Pinnepog, (Chippewa for partridge drum). However, there was another Pinnepog five miles north on Saginaw Bay, so this one changed to Pinnebog (“a high sounding and dignified way of saying pine bog”) The lumber town on the Bay changed its name to Port Crescent. Arthur Heminger became the first postmaster of Pinnebog on April 15, 1863. The Post Office was closed on Jan. 2, 1872, but was restored on Dec. 19, 1879. It was named from its location near the Pinnebog River.  Historical accounts of the first white farmers in the area noted that Pinnebog was the surveyed starting point for many of the original farms and the area grew around it.  

Pinnebog Remains a Destination

Pinnebog Air View

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The original platted town is gone. However, the tiny town is the northern boundary to several of the largest wind farms in the area. Pinnebog is home to the famous Heck’s Bar. Known for its Heckle burger and cool T-Shirt design denoting Pinnebog as the center of the universe. The town also hosts a homecoming every couple of years as a way to gather former residents who grew up in the area . 

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  1. February 15, 2017

    […] head west of town to Heck’s Bar. This place is in what was once a thriving crossroads village of Pinnebog but today the Heck’s is the sole survivor. They offer one of the largest selections of craft […]

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