The Caseville IGA

This was the grocery store I remember going to in Caseville when growing up. The grandparents said it was once a bowling alley with wood floors that creaked as you walked on it. We assumed that it was true because it kinda looked like one. The smell was a unique combination of broasting chicken, suntan oil, sweat and mustiness. You had to take your empty pop bottles to the back where they travelled down a conveyor belt to the deep basement. The IGA always seemed to have everything we needed for a summer weekend at the beach or an entire week with the grandparents. While it was cramped and crowded during the season, I loved it and was sorry to see it go.

Caseville IGA


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  1. markwrummel says:

    I remember that building in the late 1950s and early 1960s as “Vacationland” which sold T-shirts and beach toys and even boats, I think. But I was just a kid, so I wasn’t interested in buying a boat back then!

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