Huron County Commissioners to Vote on Wind Moratorium 

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Michigan’s Upper Thumb Wind Farms

April 2015 – County planners decided to impose a Huron County wind moratorium halting wind energy development for up to six months in 16 county-zoned townships. 

Opinion on the issue has changed radically since March 5th 2015. At that time the planning commission voted down the moratorium on a 5-4 vote. Those opposed to a moratorium include residents with and without wind leases, local businesses, some township and county officials, and developers. They cite landowners’ rights, wind energy’s boon to the local economy and supplemental income for leaseholders.


Those in favor of a moratorium include a mix of residents, township supervisors, county officials and wildlife advocates. Some cite a need for stricter or revised regulation, noise and shadow flicker complaints and aesthetic values of the county’s landscape.

If the moratorium passes it would halt several active project due to start this year in Michigan’s Thumb.

(Excerpts taken from reports by the Huron Daily Tribune)

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