September 25, 2023
Children and adults participating in the Magic of Symmetry Art Program at HCNC

Explore the Magic of Symmetry at HCNC: A Unique Art Program on August 19

The Huron County Nature Center (HCNC) is inviting children and adults alike to explore the “Magic of Symmetry” in nature. On Saturday, August 19, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., Artist-Instructor Patt Bennett will guide attendees through a unique art program that celebrates the beauty of symmetry found in sunflowers, spiderwebs, butterflies, and more.

The Magic of Symmetry Art Program

Join the HCNC for a magical journey into the world of symmetry. This program is more than just an art class; it’s an exploration of the natural world through creativity.

What to Expect

  • Name Transformation: Start by writing your name and watch it transform into a Symmetrical Creature.
  • Imagination Unleashed: Add parts, patterns, and colors to your design, setting your imagination free.
  • Nature’s Beauty: Learn how symmetry is everywhere in nature, from sunflowers to spiderwebs.


Explore the HCNC

The HCNC is more than just a venue for art programs. With hiking and biking trails open 365 days a year and a visitor’s center open 7 days a week through August 20, there’s always something to explore. Find more information on their website and Facebook page.

Final Thoughts About The Magic of Symmetry at HCNC

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the Magic of Symmetry at the HCNC. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or just curious about nature’s patterns, this program promises a unique and engaging experience.

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