Offended by Meat?

For the past several years Walt’s Meat Market has come up with cute tongue in cheek sayings that they have placed on their sign that faces M-25.  Their motto is “Nobody Beats Walt’s Meat” thus the sayings usually are something akin to “Most Grills love Walt’s Meat”.  We looked forward to what the sign will read has the store staff changed it each week. The owners, Rick & Lynne Jones even had contests and customers could submit their own sayings for consideration. It was fun and unique.

The sign custom ended abruptly midsummer 2009. Some dim witted pervert thought that the sayings on the sign too sexy.  They said a group of nearby residents was offended by the catchy epigrams and threatened to boycott the store. Sadly due to pressure they discontinued the wity inscriptions.  While I totally understand it was a business decision to stop the custom I’m just wondering what kind sick mind comes up with thinking that a butcher shop is source of debauchery.

2012 Update – Recent scans of the blogsphere have spotted images of Walt’s Meat older signage as postings. This year Walt’s Meats have been voted the best Gourmet Grocery in Huron County.


Business Promotion at Tax Payer Expense

I spotted a short article about the county establishing a county wide data base highlighting the Huron County’s resources. Basically Ron Wruble went to a conference, saw the latest in gee-whiz stuff from willing vendors and came back and found a project to do.

Great idea, just that the wrong folks are being pitched to develop and pay for it. Having the Huron County IT department develop and maintain a business web site is not what governments do. Here I thought Huron County was solidly conservative.  

Get the chamber of commerce units from each community to pitch in $5-10K and have a local developer put together a web application. Very doable.


Fun in Michigan's Upper Thumb

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