Emil Baur Provided Relief to the Indians Residing at Ora Labora After the 1871 Great Fire

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In October of 1871, a great forest fire swept across much of the Thumb region including the section of Michigan that included the lands of the former colony of Ora Labora. The colony was in the process of being disbanded and the lands sold off, but large holdings remained including some cabins and buildings. The colony’s benefactor and primary landowner, the Harmony Society immediately sent $200 for distribution among the needy.


The Ora Labora Experiment by Florence McKinnon Gwinn

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The Ora Labora Experiment is an excerpt from a common historical document that has been scanned and re-published numerous times on the Internet from the “Pioneer History of Huron County” – 1922 by Florence McKinnon Gwinn, Caseville, Michigan. Some researchers consider this work the starting point for further research of the colony. The author and … Read more The Ora Labora Experiment by Florence McKinnon Gwinn