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Thumbwind’s Focus for 2013

Thumbwind author on Lake has documented a tumultuous couple of years in the Upper Thumb region.  With increased environmental pressure on the Saginaw Bay evidenced by algae blooms, record low water levels and complicated by drought conditions in the upper Midwest the potential for increased challenges to traditional ways of life are now a daily topic of conversation. will focus on the following three elements.

How Water Quality Affects Everyone’s Way of Life. – If you’re a retiree to the area, sportsman or a professional farmer in Huron County. The water quality out in the Bay affects everyone. If is green and gross you can’t swim in it, drink it, or use it for aquaculture.  Thumbwind will be on alert for changes in this key environmental indicator.

Lake and Well Water Levels – With record lows now upon Lake Huron aOMG 2012 Low Water Levelnd Lake Michigan there is no doubt that huge changes and expenses are going to affect everyone. If you can’t launch a boat, or get a glass of clean water in your cottage there is no reason to spend time and money in the Upper Thumb. Last year we noted several major cases of well aquifer stress near Ubly. We will monitor activity in this critical sector.

Local Political Fallout – Environmental events we are now witnessing took years to develop. It’s only now that both political parties are paying attention.  We are amazed that the State of Michigan is stepping up to the problem of small harbors being potentially cut off from the Great Lakes. We will keep a keen eye out for activity on any action that affects our way of life in the Upper Thumb.

Besides the serious stuff we will always cover Cheeseburger and the other crazy activity in Caseville, Bayport and Port Austin. This year we will also have contributing editors covering northern Minnesota,  Michigan’s  UP and Lake Superior region. We hope you will stay tuned for all the shenanigans. It’s going to be a great summer of 2013 in the Upper Thumb and we hope you can drop in from time to time and participate.


Big Shake Up in Lake Township Post Election

HallLake Township in Huron County Michigan has made headlines for years has the tinder box for progressive vs. conservative politics in Michigan. Reporter Nch Wolak details the event following the recent election at:

Huron Daily Tribune > News > Local News.

Yvonne Bushey Appointed Interim Supervisor for Lake Township

Lake Township, Huron County, Michigan – Ms. Yvonne Bushey was selected as temporary supervisor of Lake township during a packed session at the township hall Monday evening.  Ms. Bushey was among nine nominated candidates looking to fulfill the supervisor vacancy left when Robert T. Smith passed away in June. After two failed nomination motions the four member board voted 3-1 to appoint Bushey on the third round. The township board did not interview any of the candidates prior to the selection. Public comments questioned Yvonne Bushey’s loyalty to Lake Township, since she recently tried to cede her land to adjoining Chandler Township in order to develop wind turbine leases. It is anticipated that Ms.Bushey will file her candidacy for Supervisor as an Independent in the November election.

This latest political drama occurs on the heels of an attempt by 20 landowners of Lake Township holding wind turbine lease agreements to secede from the community. The group approached wind development friendly Chandler Township. However the Chandler board rebuffed the group by voting down their proposal unanimously.

Chandler Township Tells Wind Separatists to Go Home

Huron County, Michigan – There was a stunning reversal of momentum for the Lake Township Wind Separatists who were told “No” by the Chandler Township board. A motion was struck down to enter negotiations to separate about 1/3 of Lake Township into Chandler for purposes of wind development.  According to those in attendance at the packed township hall, the motion was quick, decisive and unanimous not to proceed with any further talks. According to those in attendance the he vote was 5-0.

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