4 Great Lake States Team Up To Create The Ultimate Electric Vehicle Road Trip

Three Midwest governors announced a collaboration to build America’s first scenic all electric vehicle road trip route, specifically for electric vehicles (EV) around one of America’s Great Lakes.

An EV Ribbon Around America’s Great Lake Of The Midwest. 

Chicago & Lake Michigan – Photo by stephan cassara

The scenic Lake Michigan Circuit Tour project looks to create a high-tech EV ribbon around America’s Great Lake of the Midwest. Late in 2021, Michigan announced the Lake Michigan Circuit project. This was a first-of-its-kind, EV-friendly route along Michigan’s west coast. That project has expanded and will now be a loop around Lake Michigan.  

Michigan is teaming up with Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana in the effort. This will be a scenic route with reliable EV chargers along Lake Michigan’s 1,100-mile drivable coastline. Chargers will be installed in key coastal communities at lighthouses, state parks, breweries, vineyards, restaurants, and other small businesses. The goal is to reinvent the American road trip, support rural communities and tourism and eliminate EV range anxiety.

Electric Vehicle Road Trip Only With EV Charging Infrastructure


The Lake Michigan EV Circuit Tour, or “Electric Route 66,” will be a picturesque route with dependable light-duty vehicle charging options along the Lake Michigan coastline that focuses on charger installations at important coastal communities, lighthouses, and tourist destinations, including state parks, hospitality locations, breweries, vineyards, restaurants, and other small businesses. These new chargers will be connected to the current infrastructure networks for charging at popular tourist destinations along the route in cities including Green Bay, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Traverse City.

“Making our beautiful coastal communities more accessible to EVs and protecting them through lower emissions is a win-win for Wisconsin,” said Gov. Evers. “We’re proud to support this multi-state partnership as we work to implement our first-ever Clean Energy Plan and continue our efforts to bolster Wisconsin’s tourism industry.”

The initiative will boost economic growth and support the Midwest tourism industry. By promoting access to the next generation of clean and electrified transportation and mobility manufacturing products, the Lake Michigan EV Circuit Tour will safeguard industry electrification leadership, support the growth of the region’s share of electric vehicles, and elevate access to the tools needed to prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

All Electric Vehicles Look For Long Range Travel

2023 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve 4xe

The route aims to offer EV drivers a long-distance holiday opportunity that many have been looking for. Prospective EV drivers will also be able to go on long-distance road excursions with their loved ones while lessening range anxiety and damaging exhaust emissions.

Drivers may already use several of the network’s chargers, and the remaining portions of the Circuit should be finished in the upcoming years.

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