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5 Ways Technology Can Support Your Personal Growth Goals

The internet has given us several revelatory opportunities over the past few decades. It’s a tool for education, connectivity, and inspiration. This amazing turn of events has created the opportunity for technology to assist in achieving personal growth goals.

And technology can be at the core of your development if you know how to make the most of it. With that in mind, we’ll get straight into these five fantastic ways to foster your growth through internet resources. 

1. Gain A New Qualification Online 

Returning to university is an idea many of us have flirted with since our school-leaving days. 

But as our day-to-day lives grow busier, it’s harder than ever to find the time. 

Enter online degree programs from ARU Distance Learning. With qualifications available at a range of study levels across various industries, their courses are designed to be studied entirely online. 

The flexible study is not just a chance to master something new and grow your career but gives you the highly fulfilling experience of achieving a qualification. 

2. Read More 

We all promise ourselves we’ll read more but rarely devote the time to kicking back with a book. 

And yet, in the 21st century, there are so many resources that help us to access literature on the go, meaning you can replace the social media scroll of your morning commute with something a little more worthwhile.

One of the best resources for those interested in classic literature is Project Gutenberg, which offers a wealth of copyright-free books online and free of charge. Alternatively, if you prefer something a little more modern, Kindle Unlimited gives you access to thousands of titles for only $9.57 per month. 

3. Learn A Language 

Duolingo claims that there are more US citizens learning a language through its app than in the US school system.

But the app is far from a novelty; this language-learning resource has grown in popularity, and its game-like format has made it easier for aspiring polyglots to expand their vocab. 

For those interested in developing fluency, you can assist your learning with the Duolingo podcast designed to help learners listen and immerse themselves in the language. 

4. Master Meditation 

Meditation has an ancient history but has rapidly grown in popularity in modern society. 

Touted by celebs such as Russell Brand and Gisele Bunchden, Insight Timer offers over 100,000 meditations. You don’t have to dedicate hours to developing inner peace, but the app can help you relieve anxiety and manage your sleep schedule.  

5. Share Your Creativity 

The internet is full of worthwhile resources that can help you learn. 

But it’s also an incredible opportunity to connect with fellow creatives and share your own work. 

With an online community of fellow artists who like to paint, draw, write, make music, or any other activity you enjoy, you can gain constructive feedback and the satisfaction of sharing your creativity with the world. 

Final Thoughts on Personal Growth Goals

There are countless ways to use technology to support your personal growth, so the possibilities are endless. The five technologies explored above are just a tiny sample of how you can expand your horizons and learn more about yourself. Remember that regardless of the tools you use, the goal will always be the same. That said, why not try out some new ways to train your brain and discover more about yourself? It is far too easy to remain stagnant in this world of constant change. So don’t be afraid to push past your comfort zone every now and then; if nothing else, at least you’ll be learning something new!

How has the internet helped you to grow your own skills? Share your online achievements with us in the comments below. 

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