Turnip Rock Kayak

Turnip Rock Mi In Top 13 Amazing Rock Formations in America by CNN

Turnip Rock Kayak

A Treasured Rock at the Tip of the Thumb

CNN has declared Huron County’s Turnip Rock MI one of America’s 13 most amazing or weird rock formations. Located on private property at Pointe Aux Barques and accessible only by canoe or kayak. Explorers to the site are treated to an amazing limestone formation just off the beach.  The formation has been described as:

This enormous rock received its turnip connotation from thousands of years of erosion from storm waves. Now, it is an island with a few trees and little other vegetation. The land nearby is all privately owned, so the only way to view it is by waterway or trekking across a frozen Lake Huron in the winter. It is quite the comedic, awe-inspiring landmark, located at the tip of Michigan’s thumb.” – Michigan.org

– Cable News Network (CNN)

See the story about Turnip Rock and other unique rock formations you can visit at CNN America’s weird and amazing rock formations

  • Paddling to turnip rock is not hard. Located at the tip of the thumb, it’s about a four hour round trip from Port Austin. This small guide offers a local point of view to avoid problems with the local law enforcement and property owners while being able to enjoy a unique natural wonder. Five Things to Know About Getting to the Iconic Rock Formation
  • Our favorite kayak paddling spot near Port Austin was the set of a 2014 movie. Jinn was one of the 2014 movies filmed in Michigan. Written as an action-horror-thriller film. Jinn is a mythical race of creatures that existed for eons before humans and existed for countless centuries. Turnip Rock, the Movie Set
  • If the weather looks to keep Saginaw Bay calm and the winds low, consider a morning of paddling the waters of the Upper Thumb. The region offers some of the finest Michigan kayaking areas for both the novice and expert. Plan a Day of Michigan Kayaking the Upper Thumb
  • We are seeing some amazing sights by those who are working with drones. Overflights of small towns and points of interest are becoming common and the results are fascinating. Property lines and fences are overcome at 30 -50 feet in the air. Some drone flights cover miles. This drone flyby of Turnip Rock was made by a Kaioshin Supreme. See a Drone Flyby of the Pointe Aux Barques Rock

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