Movies Filmed in Michigan at Turnip Rock

Our favorite kayak paddling spot near Port Austin was the set of a 2014 movie.  Jinn was one of the 2014 movies filmed in Michigan. Written as an action-horror-thriller film. Jinn is a mythical race of creatures that existed for eons before humans and existed for countless centuries. Similar to humans in many ways, the Jinn live invisibly among humans and are encountered only in the most unusual circumstances.

Jinn at Turnip Rock

Michigan Made Move Jinn
Turnip Rock from Movie Trailer

Turnip Rock can be seen in the horror movies trailer. A dynamic fly-in to the tip of Pointe Aux Barques and the iconic rock formation. 2014 was when the Great Lakes hit a historic low water level. Thus the caves at Pointe Aux Barques where used in the film.

Jinn was filmed in many Michigan locations, including Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, Novi, Monroe, Commerce Township, Warren, Highland Park, and Port Austin. The trailer offers a neat perspective of the famous rock formation.

Turnip Rock – Movie Trailer

Jinn Trailer

Despite some dynamic cinematography, the film was brutally panned by critics. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 10% approval while the Hollywood Report and Boston Globe dismissed the film. Jinn can be found from time to time on some streaming services.

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