Port Austin Michigan Cartwheel Inn

Port Austin Michigan was an 1960’s Music Destination


The Fireside Inn near Port Austin, Mi is our go-to place for large groups of people. With its fantastic pizza and large open space, it’s perfect for a family party. A couple of years ago I came across these two black and white shots for the Cartwheel Inn outside of Port Austin. It’s obviously the same building. While the establishment has expanded, I find it amazing that much of the interior has remained the same.

The Cartwheel Inn was a Social Spot


In the 1950s and 60s the Cartwheel played host to graduation, social and wedding parties. There is a post card from 1962 that shows the Cartwheel Inn almost has it looks today. In the 1970s local lore tells that the Cartwheel was a gathering spot during the biker days of the Upper Thumb. Top bands from Detroit area would play the venue. While none of the stories are as rough as the infamous Farmers Daughter at Oak Beach they still spoke of a wild time.

If you have a memory or story of the Cartwheel Inn please let us know the story.

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  1. OMG! Been over eighteen years since I’ve been in there…….. am now 71 years old. Parents had a cottage just down the road eight of a mile to the west. Use to go there a lot as a kid to the Cartwheel Inn. then later when parents were older and we use to stay the summer months a lot,,,,,, we’d get the cottage. . Also had many parties there, coming from Bad Axe….. Brings back memories.


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