Will Business Demand Michigan Increase its Renewable Energy?

Mike Hardy

Author of a fun loving and event blog covering topics of the Upper Thumb of Michigan , the wind energy capital of the Great Lakes. Offering great trove of information on Wind Energy, Cheeseburger in Caseville, Saginaw Bay, Sailing.

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  1. Lou Colletta says:

    “Standards have also proven cost-effective for ratepayers. According to the Public Service Commission, ratepayers save more than $4 for every $1 of investment in energy efficiency.” WHOSE WORLD?

  2. Leo sonck says:

    I would like to know how this supposedly saves us money, our electricity rates have done nothing but go up, every year, more and more, the renewable energy target has destroyed people’s lives who have been forced to live too close to turbines, and has destroyed local economies that have seen people fleeing the area due to turbines being allowed to be placed too close to people’s homes.

    • ThumbWind says:

      Your spot on. The quest for renewable energy must be tempered with the fact that 50 story structures next to farms affect people, live stock and the quality of life.

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