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Potential Stop of All Wind Projects in Michigan’s Thumb

[Ed Note: This post is dated March 2012]

Michigan’s Huron County Commissioner John Nugent really knows how the wind blows in Huron County Michigan.  His recent announcement of his position in the Huron Daily Tribune was direct and to the point. “I’m in the process of researching it, speaking with people, talking with attorneys. And when it’s appropriate, after the first of the year, when we have a new board in place, I’ll bring forward a resolution … hopefully for a full moratorium.”

This stance, if fulfilled, would bring a grinding halt to the rapid progression of wind tribunes in Michigan’s Thumb; the fastest growing wind district in the state.  The Huron Daily Tribune reports that  “Nugent is calling for a halt to wind turbine projects until the county’s wind ordinance can be updated. He said he doesn’t want it to harm responsible wind developers but is concerned about the health, safety, and welfare of residents — all of which he says are at risk if development continues.”

This is a huge flip-flop to the ongoing development of wind energy in Michigan Thumb. Currently, Huron, Tuscola and Sanilac counties together have 14 wind farms operating or under construction, almost all erected in the last two years. An estimated 116 turbines are operating in the Upper Thumb region.

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7 thoughts on “Potential Stop of All Wind Projects in Michigan’s Thumb”

  1. I did some lift engineering for 2 of these projects – I’d hate to see them stop putting up the windmills. They are beautiful and graceful.

    • Are they in YOUR backyard, and are they encroaching on your property without your permission? Those are two very serious issues that are being reviewed and addressed. No one is saying absolutely no more, they are simply saying, we need to regroup and assess the mistakes that were allowed up to this point. Just like the horiffic mess of health care, idiots in DC passed something they had not even read or comprehended, now look at the cluster we have…

  2. I think it is refreshing to see a county official actually step up and clearly say “we screwed up, and we need to regroup here” instead of the typical polotician who would simply take a bribe and keep on encroaching on people’s rights. No reason why things can not be slowed down and actually reviewed for the better of the people.

    • Fred…first thanks for stopping by. I think Huron Co. is taking a pause and stock of what the county will look like for the next 50 years. Western Huron county has taken an industrial look and feel.

  3. I really hope they do put a moratorium on the wind turbines. It’s time to take stock and see just how far we want to go in destroying our landscape. It’s so depressing to see sharp, angular blades, huge towers with heavy thick wires, and flashing red lights everywhere I look! I remember how it was before, so peaceful and serene….one could look for miles and see just silos and steeples.
    The turbines have created more havoc and trouble than they are worth – and have provided very little energy. They’re only there because the law says a percentage of energy has to come from ‘renewables’ – yet they’re already outmoded and inefficient. I don’t mind my neighbors making a few buck off a windmill or two – but the hundreds and hundreds of them are simply greed. And just to add insult to injury my electrical rates have gone up as my quality of life in the Thumb has gone down. Sad.

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