Six Great Places To View Freighters in Michigan

An informative piece on one of the great pastimes of living on the Great Lakes. Watching the big Lakers slip past is an awesome sight. Here are a couple of places that offer the best views in the region. Re-posted.

Travel the Mitten

Herbert Jackson Freighter

With shoreline bordering four of the five Great Lakes, Michigan sees a great deal of freighter traffic during the shipping season. With ships making 10,000 passage through the Soo Locks alone each season, chances to see one of these massive vessels in action are aplenty. 1,000-foot lakers haul steel, coal, limestone and more from Lake Superior to Lakes Michigan and Huron, while ocean-bound vessels can be spotted with cargos of grain or maybe even wind turbine parts. The following list showcases six of the best places in the state to catch freighters in action: loading and unloading at two sites and passing by well-known state landmarks at others.

Soo Locks Freighter

Sault Ste Marie – The Soo Locks should be the top destination on any boatnerd’s list of places to visit, as all vessels traveling to and from Lake Superior must stop here while the locks guide them on their way. A new…

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