Sunrise on Saginaw Bay in the Early Fall

The stillness of the area is one of the pleasures after Labor Day. The water hovers around 60 degrees. The days grow short and the shadows long. With all of the boat hangers gone it offers pristine views over Saginaw Bay. Here is an early morning photo shoot on a whim.

Saginaw Bay Sunrise

This was a splendid view on September 27th 2014. Note that the water level was at an historic low not seen since 1964. The morning was still and still warm as summer tried to hang on. As the sun rose and warmed the water, little cat paw ripples occurred.

Saginaw Bay Sunrise
Saginaw Bay Sunrise
Sun Hits the Dew
Saginaw Bay Sunrise
Morning Beach
Lonely Beach
Bay Sunrise on the East
Hazy Fall Morning on Saginaw Bay
Peek Before the Sun
Saginaw Bay Sunrise
Fall Beach on Saginaw Bay
Milkweed on Saginaw Bay

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4 Responses

  1. L Colletta says:

    Photos are really great, calendar quality.

  2. How interesting… found my blog so I came over for a look at yours and now I see you’re also on a Great Lake and take pictures like me! How awesome! We’ll have to compare pix through WP and see who’s getting what! 🙂 Thanks for the bloghop!

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