1990 Chrysler LaBaron

Chrysler LeBaron GT – The Last Summer with a Great K-car

LeBaron GT Convertible

A Classic K-car Lived Well

This year makes the 23rd birthday of our 1990 Chrysler LeBaron GT convertible. This grand  old dame has seen three generations of owners and has been in the first car of each of our sons, The Hardy Boys.

LeBaron GT Convertible

The LeBaron was a catch-all name at Chrysler in the 1990’s but the vehicle was based on the famous K-Car platform derivative that saved Chrysler from certain death from bankruptcy in the early 1980’s.

LeBaron GT Convertible

With its 3.0 liter V6 Mitsubishi engine this car had the get up and go tendency. Evan told me he had the speedometer pegged at 130 going up I-75 on very early morning several years ago.

LeBaron GT Convertible

Evan, Ethan and now Ian have all called the Chrysler convertible their first car. This year looks to be that last season for this trustworthy K-car. 

LeBaron GT Convertible Interior

Tonight I cleaned the Chrysler Lebaron GT convertible a bit and took some last shots. Later this summer we may take it up to Caseville for its final curtain call for the last of the classic K-Car.

LeBaron GT Convertible

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