Solar Farms In Michigan Installations Map (2022)

Michigan Solar Farms

The Solar Farms in Michigan Installations Map offers current, proposed, and deferred or canceled solar projects in Michigan. Information is taken from both public and government reports from the Michigan Public Services Commission. This site is updated as information becomes available.

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The Great Lakes Map of Solar Array Farms in Michigan

Thumbwind Publications is currently tracking 67 major solar energy farms in Michigan. These include utility, commercial, and community installations. Each point on the map has detailed data, including the name of the solar farm, its rated output in MW, year of operation, current energy consumer, energy output reports from EIA (if available), and finally, any significant news or updates of the solar project.

Active solar farms are in yellow, planned or solar farms under construction are in red.

Map and Data of Solar Farms in Michigan last updated August 25, 2021

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Solar Installation Growth in Michigan

Solar arrays and industrial level farm installations lagged behind wind energy growth until 2016. This is because solar farms require more contiguous land area than wind farms. However, the technology cost has dropped 43% over the last 5 years to a point where we see large-scale installations planned. These new solar projects will have output in the hundreds of megawatt covering hundreds of acres.

Courtesy SEIA

As of the first quarter of 2021, Michigan has 520.9 MW of solar installed and ranks 26th in the nation. This is enough solar power to serve approximately 83,045 homes. However solar energy contributes less than 1% of the state’s electricity output.

Jobs and Companies Involved in Solar

Currently, there are an estimated 3,379 jobs involving the solar industry in Michigan. Growth in the number of companies in the solar sector now numbers 188, of which 65 are manufacturers, 73 are installers/developers, and 50 others. The total estimated investment in Michigan is $714 million.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Farm Installations in Michigan

What is the largest solar installation in the state of Michigan?

As of August 2021, the Assembly Solar Farm in Shiawassee County is the largest installed solar array in Michigan. Assembly Solar Farm began operations in December 2020 with 50 MW. Two additional growth phases are planned to bring the total output for the solar array to 239 MW.

What is the total output capacity of Michigan’s solar power production?

As of the first quarter of 2021, the Solar Energy Industries Association’s estimated that Michigan’s total output for solar energy production is 530 MW. Enough to power about 83,000 homes. Michigan ranks 26th in solar energy production nationally.

How many solar farms are in Michigan?

Thumbwind Publications is currently tracking 66 solar installations in Michigan. However, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, solar is growing tremendously with an anticipated 1,802 MW of new projects over the next 5 years.

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