Lavender Farming 101: Why The Lavender Industry Is Booming

Lavender Farming

news for Lavender growers and enthusiasts to know that the industry is still demanding a consistent supply of this valuable herb.
With this helpful guide, you can participate in this industry if you wish to indulge in creating useful Lavender products.

Where Am I ? – A Neat Little Port Austin Alley

White Elephant Alley

There is a brand new store near the end of the road on M-53. This bright white establishment offers a carry-out breakfast and lunch cafe—they also serve ice cream, pizza, and other grab-and-go food. The front of the store highlights gourmet foods, kitchen gadgets, toys, and pet treats and toys. A full arcade is located down the alley toward the back of the store.

Arcade at White Elephant

This little place with its neat little Port Austin alley was once a paint store and an antique shop. It’s only steps away from the Port Austin Farmers Market. It’s also a short walk from the Cove Art Gallery. This little place has a new Facebook Page too.


Where am I?

Minden City Herald Transfers Ownership to Next Generation

Minden City Herald

In an era of an increasing focus to push news outlets to be on-line, it’s surprising to find out that in one publishing area, a small-town weekly newspaper, is thriving with the status quo. According to the Trade Magazine Editor & Publisher, in 2015, there were over 5,600 weekly newspapers in operation with a combined … Read more

Work from Home or Cottage 101: Effective Ways to Setup Your Workstation

Covid-19 Mask

With the COVID-19 outbreak forcing a lot of countries to implement quarantine measures, many professionals have been instructed to “work from home.” This can mean a lot of things for many industries – from bringing their office equipment home, to using their own gear should they have them, or to do individual assignments.