Satanic Panic Over D&D began 43 Years ago in East Lansing – James Dallas Egbert III

Satanic Panic

The “Satanic Panic” over D&D began forty-three years ago when James Dallas Egbert III disappeared from his dorm room at Michigan State University in East Lansing. The media attention garnered as part of the search for Egbert, and the investigation into his disappearance was the catalyst for what is now known as the Satanic Panic.

Michigan Author Sarah Zettel brings A Fussy Talking Corgi to Life

Michigan Author Sarah Zettle

Michigan author Sarah Zettel has always known what she wants to be. She set her mind to becoming an author in college and has never veered from that path. Her determination has paid off big time, as she currently writes under six pseudonyms and has seen the publication of numerous books in multiple genres. Zettel, … Read more

Isaac Diener Photography – Obsessed with the Keweenaw Peninsula Night Sky

Keweenaw Peninsula

Isaac Diener, a 46-year-old photographer living in the town of Hancock in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, is obsessed. He loves the sky, mainly the night sky, as it appears over Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula no matter what time of year it is. Isaac Diener has been obsessed with the skies above Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula since moving to … Read more