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Caro Psychiatric Hospital – Grand Opening of an $85m Mental Heath Facility

A Groundbreaking Achievement in Healthcare

Today marks a significant milestone for Caro and all of Michigan. Governor Gretchen Whitmer and state and local dignitaries unveiled the new 100-bed Caro Psychiatric Hospital. This $85 million state-of-the-art facility is more than just a building – it’s a tangible symbol of our state’s commitment to mental health care.

“As Michiganders, we deserve health mental health resources when and where we need them,” Governor Whitmer announced at the opening ceremony. The Caro Psychiatric Hospital stands as a beacon of hope, not just for those families in need but as a key employer in the Caro community.

A New Chapter in Patient Care

The Caro Psychiatric Hospital brings together cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design within its 130,000 square feet. Split into four distinct patient units, each reflects a different season’s color palette to create a therapeutic ambiance.

More than just a hospital room, patients will reside in primarily single-bed suites equipped with private bathrooms. The facility has ensured a focus on inclusivity with double rooms and dedicated care facilities for geriatric patients.

Adding to its innovative design, the hospital introduces a ‘downtown-themed’ area featuring a hair salon, exercise room, greenhouse, and recreation room, aiming to make the patient experience feel less institutional and more community-centric. The gymnasium and open courtyards allow patients to engage in both indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

Safety and Staff Comfort Take the Forefront

The hospital doesn’t compromise on safety, either. The building boasts updated HVAC and management systems, secure access controls, and video surveillance to ensure the safety of its patients. It also provides staff with modern spaces for treatment consultations, staff meetings, and breakroom spaces.

Elizabeth Hertel, MDHHS director, believes that the Caro Psychiatric Hospital’s unique design and modern treatment spaces will significantly impact patient outcomes and satisfaction levels. Caro Mayor Karen Snider echoed this sentiment, expressing her delight at how the new hospital is a significant employer and vital behavioral health service provider in the region.

The Caro Legacy Continues

Caro Center – Courtesy State of Michigan

The Caro Psychiatric Hospital, replacing the historic Caro Center built in 1913, carries forward a legacy of care spanning over a century. Originally opened as the Caro Farm Colony for Epileptics, it had been Michigan’s exclusive residential treatment center for individuals with seizure disorders up until 1997.

This $85 million upgrade embodies a new dawn for everyone involved. As Department of Technology, Management & Budget Director Michelle Lange puts it, the hospital’s completion is a “new beginning” where medical staff can utilize cutting-edge tools to provide top-tier patient treatment. Moreover, the modern aesthetic of the hospital, blended seamlessly into the natural environment, is a testament to the community’s pride.

Behind the Scenes: Building the Future

The stunning transformation from the Caro Center to the Caro Psychiatric Hospital wouldn’t have been possible without several key players’ hard work and vision. Granger Construction served as the project’s construction manager, bringing the design to life with Integrated Design Solutions. Their combined expertise resulted in a hospital that’s not just functional but also beautifully integrated with the natural surroundings of Caro.

Part of a Greater Statewide Network

Caro Psychiatric Hospital is one of the five state-operated inpatient hospitals catering to nearly 650 patients. Other facilities include Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital and Walter Reuther Psychiatric Hospital for adult patients, Hawthorn Center for Children and Adolescents, and The Center for Forensic Psychiatry for individuals involved with the criminal justice system.

Michigan’s state hospitals, including in Caro, are accredited by The Joint Commission. They are committed to offering evidence-based, person-centered care in a compassionate environment that promotes collaboration and community reintegration.

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