6 Blogs You Should Visit Today

6 Southeast Michigan Blogs You Should Visit

I seek out Michigan blog content by individual writers, photographers, and artists who like to share their Michigan experience. I want to compare stories and get a deep topic understanding that goes beyond the surface and keyword-stuffed content of Buzzfeed like posts. Honestly, I like to compare my stuff with theirs. 

Michigan Blogs

While a couple of these sites are large and established, they are independent and don’t have a large organization behind them that can offer funding and resources. So you know it’s a labor of love. Finding these sites among the clutter of the Internet search engines was tough. So once I found a place I liked, it made to a list. I hope you will find these useful, and if you have a suggestion for a site, drop me a note.

j’adore Detroit

j’adore Detroit – This team of four writers covers Detroit. What’s the best restaurant? Where should we try this weekend? J’adore Detroit evolved out of the desire to be a resource for people who were moving back to the city (or who’d been here their whole lives) and didn’t know where to go or what to do.

Best Unique Feature: The Detroit “List” – Very handy. Top places to see, eat and do in any social situation. Unique and a great resource to check out for those who don’t frequent downtown Detroit much.

Life in Michigan

Michigan Blog

Life in Michigan – Brenda and Chuck are two writers covering the Michigan music and craft beer scene with colorful reviews and lively photos. The site shares travel adventures hoping to inspire you to visit.

Best Unique Feature: The sites Michigan History Category has some amazing posts that cover historical events with great photography.

The Awesome Mitten

Michigan Blog

Awesome Mitten – The site is one of the larger blogs with at least nine writers and contributors. The Awesome Mitten covers a wide range of Michigan hotspots, communities, businesses and people.

Best Unique Feature: The site’s Michigan Culture Category covers some unique topics and articles about being a Michigander. “It’s a Michigan Thing”

A Dangerous Business Travel Blog

A Dangerous Business Travel Blog – Amanda’s one-woman travel blog seeks out the “Millennial and Gen X audience who live “normal” lifestyles (with careers and mortgages), but who want to see the world and maximize their vacation time.” While Amanda is from Ohio, she ventures and writes about Michigan enough to appear on my radar.

Best Feature of this Site: The 10-Day Adventure Project. A bunch of self-guided trip itinerary’s that offers places to see in destinations all over the world. A great resource for those looking to check out travel from Africa to just about anywhere.

Enjoy Michigan Playground

Enjoy Michigan Playground – While not a Southeast Michigan site, I admire the format that this blog is taking. Two brothers raised in the U.P. now claim the entire state as a home we have dedicated their lives to explore. Michigan has world-class features and quaint quiet moments that deserve to be shared. The site sports some of the best video and photography for an independent blog.

Best Unique Feature: Their Michigan video pages are quite impressive. In fact, their home page hero shot is dominated by video stories which many say is the future trend on blogging.

Lost in Michigan

Lost In Michigan – I’ve been following Mike Sonnenberg’s work for years. This writer and photographer have taken some of the most unique and seldom traveled roads and trails to offer Michigan stories one picture at a time.

Best Unique Feature: Mike’s take on Michigan Historical Markers is perfect. There are lots of sites take a quick shot of a faded Michigan Historical Marker and call it a day. Lost in Michigan takes the time to get great shots of what the story is about and what’s behind it. Love it.

Traveling Michigan

Traveling Michigan – This couple outlines there travels around the Great Lake state. With descriptions and details for just about every major town and city in Michigan.

Best Unique Feature – Click on their Bucket List tab for the most interesting and unique restaurant, spooky places and some of the more interesting places to see in Michigan

Traveling Michigan

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