Lighthouses of Michigan’s Upper Thumb

There are 124 Michigan lighthouses across the state.  They are unique, functional and draw many visitors to explore their grounds or climb the towers.  Of the four lighthouses in the Upper Thumb, only one is accessible directly from the land. All the others need a boat to access.

Port Austin Reef Lighthouse

Port Austin Light

The light was first lit in 1878, and its pier was modified in 1899. It is still operational and is automated. The foundation materials are a pier, and the tower is constructed of yellow brick, with buff markings. It is an octagonal, 60-foot tall tower, with an attached keeper house. However, the focal plane is 76 feet (23 m). It originally had a fourth-order Fresnel lens by Henry Lepaute of Paris and installed in 1899. In 1985 the lens was replaced by a 12-volt solar-powered Tideland Signal 300 mm acrylic optic, which eliminated the need to maintain the submarine cable.

Charity Island Light

The octagonal cast iron lantern displayed a fixed white Fourth Order Fresnel lens light which was constructed in 1857 with a 39-foot tower which provided a 13-nautical-mile range of visibility. The Lightkeepers home and tower were split in 1917 to automate the light using acetylene gas. It was the first automated light in the entire Great Lakes. The Charity Island Preservation Committee of the Arenac County Historical Society is restoring the tower. The original keeper’s house was razed, and a newly restored private residence has been built in its place and on its foundation. It is being operated as a restaurant and a bed and breakfast.

Each summer Explorer Charters offers tours to Charity Island. In 2019 we were invited along to experience a Charity Island Dinner Cruise. We learned a lot about the history of the mysterious Charity Island and had a fun time exploring the island and meeting new people. Here is what I learned about Charity Island.

Port Aux Barques Light

The Pointe aux Barques Lighthouse ranks among the ten oldest lighthouses in Michigan. Amazingly, despite its age, the light is still an active lighthouse maintained by the US Coast Guard. The structure is remote, located in Lighthouse County Park on Lake Huron near Port Hope, Michigan in Huron County. “Pointe aux Barques” means ‘Point of Little Boats’, a descriptor of the shallow shoals and reefs that lurk beneath these waves, presenting a hazard to boats as they round Michigan’s Thumb. Amazingly this iconic lighthouse has the reputation of having paranormal activity.

Point Aux Barques Lighthouse
Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse

Harbor Beach Lighthouse

Harbor Beach is located on the eastern edge of the Thumb of Huron County, in the state of Michigan. The Harbor Beach Lighthouse is a “spark-plug lighthouse” located at the end of the north break-wall entrance to the harbor of refuge on Lake Huron.  The United States Army Corps of Engineers built the huge break wall and light. This pier protects the harbor of Harbor Beach, Michigan, which is the largest man-made freshwater harbor in the world.

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