Wind Lease Holders Look to Exit Lake Twp After Defeat at the Polls – Updated

Mike Hardy

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  1. Lou Colletta says:

    I am very confused I thought the purpose of PA 425 was for economic development for a community not economic gain for a few. These people are ignoring the peoples vote on the assumption that the voters were duped and didn’t know what they were voting on. In other words we the people are stupid and they the PA 425’s are smarter and going to do it their way. This is no longer an issue of the advantages or the disadvantages of wind energy. This is not Democracy if our votes are ignored.

    • Bob Siver says:

      There seems to be an excessive amount of secrecy as to the identity of those landowners who desire to secede from Lake Township. Certainly if we’ve reached the point that a neighboring township is hearing the arguments for and against the move, there is a public record of those landholders, the location of the property in question, and their place of primary residence.

      • HuronBlueJay says:

        I was at that Chandler Twp meeting. The potential ceding properties are a strange checkerboard. Those not in the marked properties may have no say. Lake Tapping meeting is May 21. Check Lake & contact your neighbors. This whole thing smells foul. I thought we had a vote, and they lost!

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