September 25, 2023
Michigan to Canada Road Trip

Michigan to Canada Road Trip – 7 Must-Visit Destinations in Canada

One of the most popular pastimes for Michiganders is to take a detour across the Canadian border by road. It takes an average of 4 hours and 15 minutes to drive from Detroit to Toronto through Windsor. A Michigan to Canada road trip is almost a rite of passage since there are so many fascinating destinations to discover.

You need a passport or another document to prove you’re a US citizen before you’re allowed into Canada. If you’re traveling with your kids, carry a copy of each child’s birth certificate.

If you’ll tag along your dog or cat, ensure it’s at least three months old and has a certificate showing it’s safe from rabies. One more thing—be ready to pay a border toll fee of between $5 and $10 on your way into Canada and back into the US.

That said, enjoy your trip to Canada by touring some of the country’s best tourist attraction sites. Below are some of them.

#1: Niagara Falls

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The Niagara Falls are less than three hours away from the Canadian border. Considering how iconic the falls are, they’re a must-visit destination for every Michigander touring the Great White North for the first time.

Take pictures. Walk around the falls or even pay for a boat ride at the bottom of the falls to create memories. Once you’ve enjoyed the views, decide whether to drive straight to Toronto or spend your night at a nearby casino.

The area around the Niagara Falls is packed with casinos. The Fallsview Casino is the most famous of them all. It’s loaded with games and luxurious hotel rooms. It also features restaurants, a gym, a swimming pool, a sauna, and more amenities.

If you choose to spend your time elsewhere, keep in mind that online casino gaming is legal in Ontario. You have the choice to play at one of 40+ gambling sites in the province.

Most of them are safe and reliable. However, research and compare the available bonuses at different online casinos in Canada before you make your choice. Choose a mobile-friendly site to ensure you play slots conveniently even while in your car. Just don’t play while in the driver’s seat.

#2:  The Muskoka Lakes

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The Muskoka Lakes are a popular destination for city dwellers looking for lakeside homes in Canada. However, you don’t need a cottage near these famous lakes to savor their beauty.

All you need is to drive over to Muskoka with a bucket list of things to do by the lakes. You could engage in a mountain hike. You can tour a Maples farm, play golf, or treat your family to a sleigh ride in nearby Huntsville.

For clarity, Muskoka hosts a few nice hotels. As such, you don’t need to drive all the way to Toronto if it gets dark while you’re enjoying your time near the lakes.

#3: CN Tower

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The CN Tower is Toronto’s most famous symbol. It used to be the tallest man-made structure in the world. But in this age of buildings like the Burj Khalifa, it doesn’t even feature in the top 10 list.

That said, the CN Tower is an important stopover if you want to experience the best of Canada. It provides an outstanding bird’s view of Toronto, although it can be terrifying for people with acrophobia. 

Beyond giving you a terrific view of Toronto, the CN Tower also features a place to experience virtual bungee jumping. It has a café, a gaming place to play laser tag, shops, and an award-winning restaurant.

#4: Whistler Ski Resort

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So far, we’ve only included destinations within Ontario. If you’re planning to drive throughout Canada, however, add Whistler Ski Resort to your list. It’s usually booked completely during the winter because of its reputation for providing thrilling skiing activities.

The resort is located outside of Edmonton City in British Columbia. You need to drive for close to two days to get to the resort from Michigan. But you can always park your car in Toronto and get to the resort by air or train.

Although you’ll enjoy the best of Whistler during the winter, there’s no wrong time to visit this resort. It has a beehive of family-friendly activities you can relish throughout the year.

Think of mountain bike riding, zip lining, fishing, bear viewing, and Gondola tours. If you visit the place during the winter, pay for snowmobile rides, skiing, and ice climbing. 

#5: Quebec City

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Quebec is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. It looks more like a European city than a North American Metropolis. Of course, you probably already know the explanation.

Quebec province was originally colonized by France. The French had such a big influence on the province that the entire province still uses French as its official language.

When it comes to design, Quebec City has buildings that resemble European cottages. These buildings are colorful and unique, which makes the city a must-tour location in Canada.

#6: Banff National Park

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Banff is one of Canada’s most famous national parks. It is easy to see why. It has turquoise-colored lakes, snow-capped mountains, and picturesque glaciers. If you’re having any doubts about visiting this national park, just look at a few online pictures.

Banff is every photogenic tourist’s dream location. And we’re not just talking about the park. Thousands of people visit the small town of Banff in Alberta. It has mesmerizing mountain views, which are fabulous if you take a ride in a Gondola.

To maximize your experience, take a paddle hike at Lake Louise. Take a mountain hike or drive along the curvaceous Ice Fields Parkway also known as Highway 93. The highway can lead you to Calgary. Or it could take you to the Jasper National Park—another iconic park in Canada.

#7: Jasper National Park

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Before you leave Alberta, consider checking out the Jasper National Park. It offers more mesmerizing views of turquoise-colored lakes, snowcapped mountains, and ice glaciers. 

Besides taking pictures for your Instagram account, Jasper has interesting activities you can do with your family. You could take a canoe ride on Maligne Lake. You could watch Elks and bears, or swim in Lake Annette. 

Final Thoughts About Michigan To Canada Road Trip

A Michigan to Canada road trip offers a wealth of experiences, from the natural beauty of Niagara Falls to the urban allure of Toronto. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned traveler, this guide has something for everyone. So, pack your bags, grab your passport, and hit the road for an adventure you won’t soon forget.

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