A Fascinating Story of The Hitching Post Inn Elkton Mi (It Has A Twin!)

The Hitching Post Inn in Elkton MI

From time to time, we like to visit the Hitching Post in Elkton. It’s a great place to stop after a round of golf at Century Oaks. It’s a great place to grab a proper bar burger. It’s a fascinating old building with strange stained glass in many windows. I always wondered about the history of this building and what role it played in the community. 

Port Austin Michigan – 3 Memorable Destinations Saved It From Decline – Art Works, A Farm Market, and Kayaking

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Drive from any point south of the Thumb north toward Port Austin, Michigan, to its tip, and you will encounter small towns and villages hanging on by a thread. The town at the tip of the Thumb has taken a different approach; offering the community a destination for the entire summer season.