Caseville Harbor


ThumbWind is an ongoing project to show the highlights of a gem of a destination right in the backyard of Metro-Detroit. Designated as the Wind Energy Capital of the Great Lakes the Upper Thumb is a dichotomy of farming, renewable energy production and the pristine playgrounds of our sugar sand beaches along Saginaw Bay.

You can expect commentary, observations and event following around Huron County Michigan, Caseville’s famous Cheeseburger festival , Sailing on Saginaw Bay, Water Quality  and Wind Farm development across the Thumb. We will be merciless and unforgiving in our opinion and welcome your comments on our posts. But at the same time we will give credit and praise to the “Best of the Thumb”

We have expanded to now offer T-shirts, and other “Thumby” gear at our shop ThumbWind-Mercantile

Contact Information:
6608 Sylva Beach Road
Caseville, Michigan 48725

Phone: (989) 312-5450



14 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for visiting my post on the Great Lakes. I’ve read with interest several of your posts.
    In spite of having lived in Windsor for 4 years, I had no idea Michigan was referred to as a “thumb”. In fact I had to pull up a map of Michigan to understand this better.
    Imagine my surprise! It really does look like a thumbs-up 🙂


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Festivals, History, Food, Sites, Sailing, Music and Fun in the Upper Thumb and Saginaw Bay of Michigan

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