Best Michigan Coffee Shops

15 Best Michigan Coffee Shops to Visit & Try

Michigan is not only famous for its lakes, forestry, fishery, and exceptional contributions to the automobile industry and education. If you are a follower of ours, then you know that we think coffee offers steamy comfort on those chilly days. This is why we found this list of best Michigan coffee shops so intriguing.

The Great Lake State happens to be the home of some of the country’s best coffee shops. If you are heading to this northern state, you must check out these 15 best coffee shops to visit and try in Michigan. Want to know more about coffee? You can also read: A Complete Coffee History, to know more about the origin of your cup.

1. Foster Coffee Company

This coffee shop chain is a must-visit for coffee lovers who want more than a refreshing cup. With branches in Owosso, Lansing, and Flint, Foster’s passion for coffee complements its love for its people and the community it serves. The shop has traditional drinks, specialty coffees, and seasonal beverages that surprise even the most demanding coffee connoisseur. 

2. Astro Coffee

Home of the Big Three in the automotive world, Detroit is also a haven for coffee lovers. And if you pass by the city’s old train station, you will never miss this hip coffee shop. Astro has a cup for every discerning taste bud from drip coffee to pour-overs, espressos, lattes, and specialty beverages. They also have a bakery to give you exciting goodies to go with your drink.

3. Alcona Coffee Co.

Take a leisurely drive towards stunning Harrisville, sitting by Lake Huron’s western shore, and feast on one of the state’s most popular coffee drinks. The shop has lattes, espressos, iced coffee, and other specialty drinks. If you do not like anything fancy, their freshly brewed coffee is always a delight. Sit near the window and mesmerize at the sparkling waters of the lake.

4. Blue Owl Coffee Co.

This coffee shop is not your ordinary café. It serves some unique caffeinated beverages you can find in the US. Take a sip at the shop’s non-alcoholic craft coffee cocktails or their signature Nitro cold brew. While relishing the authentic flavors of their carefully curated beans, mix it up with the working class and large families enjoying a fascinating day in Lansing.

5. Drip Drop Drink Coffee Bar

With a cherished name like Drip Drop Drink, getting a cup of espresso or handcrafted coffee is indeed a memorable experience when you drop by this Muskegon coffee shop. It is a hip and quaint shop in a busy port, overlooking the Great Lakes with regattas, leisure boats, and anglers focused on their craft. The shop’s iced pour-over coffee is a must-try.

6. Atomic Coffee

Known for their fabulous handcrafted coffee, fresh smoothies, and raw juices, Atomic Coffee is a must-visit whenever you explore the fascinating sights of Royal Oak. This coffee shop is perfect for large families, allowing them to have a great time in the Atomic’s spacious alfresco area. It is where a great cup of coffee meets excellent food.

7. Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company

With two shops in Detroit and another in Royal Oak, this coffee shop excites coffee lovers in Michigan and neighboring states. Every cup they serve is scrumptious, complete with a heavenly sandwich or a delightful salad. This coffee shop opens late in the day, perfect for folks who want a quick sip before heading back home. 

8. Coffee + Cream

Earning the admiration of many Great Lakes coffee fans is this shop in Westland. Their Turkish coffee is as authentic as what you can get from a posh Ankara restaurant. It is also a haven for sweet-tooths, especially their ice cream selection and delectable coffee pastries. Of course, there is always the more traditional black coffee if that is what you crave.

9. RoosRoast Coffee

If you want a surprisingly delicious coffee experience, you must head to this coffee gem in Ann Arbor. The café’s Lobster Butter Love is to die for, complete with the unique aromas of select Sumatran coffee beans. However, do not expect a pour-over because this coffee house specializes in Long pulls. The coffee shop is both quirky and posh with a throwback vibe. 

10. Black Owl Café

Kalamazoo’s hidden gem, Black Owl serves locally roasted coffee, fresh homemade dishes, and healthy hand-blended teas. The coffee house uses beans roasted in the same building, ensuring freshness in every cup they serve. Black Owl has a fascinating array of traditional coffee beverages, espresso drinks, and superfood lattes for health buffs.

11. Shardarch, Meshasch & Abeantogo Coffee Roasters

Serving the coffee lovers of Lake Orion and Goodrich is ABeanToGo, a quaint coffee shop delivering flavorful and aromatic beverages that soothe the tired soul. It has an enjoyable ambiance of inclusivity and originality, where people can sip an excellent cup together, regardless of their coffee drinking differences. Order their Brew of the Day, and you will see why this is one of the must-visit MI cafes.

12. Chazzano Café 

If you are craving the most fascinating French press coffee from Michigan, Chazzano in Ferndale is a must-visit. The café’s French press making prowess is almost legendary, even beating Starbucks’ creation. The coffee house also has pour-over coffee, espresso machine, and Aeropress drinks for those who want their beverages fast and furious. The key to the coffee shop’s success? In-house roasting!

13. ASHE Supply Co.

This Detroit coffee shop is like no other. It has an industrial-looking dining space, complete with traditional coffee-making gizmos, such as a siphon coffee maker setup. The café also offers exciting freshly roasted coffee beans from Ethiopia, Ecuador, and Peru, while giving you a chance to pick a gadget for your coffee-making adventures at home.

14. EOS Café & Coffee House

Perfect for early worms, EOS is the undisputed coffee shop king in St. Clair Shores. Whether it is their house specialty or the more conventional frappe, mocha, or cappuccino, the shop’s coffee always pairs well with their baked goods and breakfast dishes.  

15. Plymouth Coffee Bean

Regulars call it The Bean, the state’s longest-running indie café in Plymouth. They have mouthwatering crepes and healthy muffins to go with their freshly brewed, locally roasted coffee. Its homey atmosphere is a favorite of musicians, artists, and poets who grace the scene now and then.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are exploring the state’s automotive industry, picking a university for your teenager, or simply enjoying a Great Lakes adventure, you can always fall back o a good cup of coffee to complete your day. These 15 best Michigan coffee shops to visit and try in Michigan are only a small sample of the bevy of coffee restaurants mushrooming all over the state.

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