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Beach on Saginaw Bay 2

Saginaw Bay Pollution – Officially Polluted for 30 years.

Babys Play in Saginaw Bay Pollution On summer mornings with coffee in hand, I walk down to the beach and gaze out over that the vast expanse of water between Port Austin and Tawas. It’s thought of as an idyllic ecosystem full of tasty Perch and Walleye. It’s a playground...

great-lakes-space 3

Algae Bloom in Michigan’s Saginaw Bay Seen from Space

Algae Bloom in Michigan’s Saginaw Bay Seen from Space. With the recent budget cuts announced for the EPA by the current administration it’s feared that the Great Lakes and Saginaw Bay will once again experience muck and fecal encrusted beaches.

Great Lakes Water 5

Flint Water Crisis Timeline

 In April 2014 the City of Flint Michigan switched from water from Lake Huron provided by the city of Detroit to utilizing water taken from the Flint River. This was a cost saving move under the leadership of a succession of Flint emergency managers appointed by Michigan governor Rick Snyder....

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