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Caseville Chamber: Absolutely No Cheeseburger Festival This Year

The Caseville Chamber of Commerce posted an update on their Facebook Page regarding the 2020 Cheeseburger in Caseville Festival. It reminded fans that due to the COVID-19 pandemic that there will be no Cheeseburger Festival of any size occurring this year.

The Chamber noted, “…due to funding, insurance, safety, and restrictions we are unable to hold any Chamber Sponsored Cheeseburger Events. Some local businesses have chosen to keep the spirit of the festival alive and feature festival-themed food and entertainment. Our recommendation and understanding is that they are doing so within the current Michigan Guidelines.

Back in June, some statewide and local media reported that Caseville businesses have gotten together to create a “Slice of Cheeseburger” event during the week of August 14th through the 23rd. These were the dates scheduled for the traditional yearly festival. The Caseville Chamber of Commerce reiterated that the official event is indeed canceled this year. They will not provide updates regarding individual businesses’ offerings or events.

Cheeseburger T-Shirts and Buttons For Collectors

The Chamber will be selling Cheeseburger in Caseville T-shirts and buttons at their offices near the harbor entrance. These items have become quite collectible. During the annual event its a tradition for attendees to wear buttons of all the Cheeseburger events attended over the years.

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